Being your whole self

Posted on by Dr. Maeve Malley

We recently invited leaders in health and care to contribute their own personal and professional experiences to mark this LGBT+ history month. Whilst celebrated across the UK this month, the work to eradicate prejudice through education continues throughout the year.

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Empowering leaders on the frontline: why better leadership means better care

Posted on and updated on by Various authors

Following World Cancer Day (Saturday 4 February), three junior sisters who work on two units of the cancer wing at St James’s University Hospital Trust, look at the importance of their role as leaders on the frontline.   Continue reading

Compassion and rhino skin: could you be an NHS executive?

Posted on by Chris Lake

In his latest blog, Chris Lake, head of professional development at the NHS Leadership Academy, explores why the talent pipeline of chief executives and executive directors is critically low. 

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Return of the Heroes

Posted on and updated on by John Deffenbaugh

The NHS Leadership Academy works with a world-class expert faculty of global business leaders, educators and practitioners. Our programme participants are offered unique opportunities to learn from and talk with each of them. Here, John Deffenbaugh, faculty member, discusses distributed leadership, the return of heroic leadership and how the NHS could benefit from them.

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Winter NHS: leadership at the most critical time

Posted on and updated on by Dr Clare Price-Dowd

In her latest blog, Clare Price-Dowd, a registered nurse and senior programme lead at the NHS Leadership Academy, looks at the importance of leadership on the frontline during the challenging winter period when pressures are intensified.

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