The most influential people in the NHS are frontline staff

Posted on by Jenny Clarke

Jenny Clarke, a midwife at Midwife at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and former NHS Leadership Academy programme participant, discusses her learning, and why working together is so critical to good quality frontline care.

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Being inclusive made me a more skilful midwife

Posted on by Morvia Gooden

Morvia Gooden, senior programme lead at the Academy, discusses the parallels between her midwifery career and her work on the inclusion agenda.

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What does compassion mean to me?

Posted on and updated on by Dr Clare Price-Dowd

In her first instalment of a series of blogs, Clare Price-Dowd, senior programme lead for evaluation and patient experience, talks about her personal experience of compassionate nursing and discusses why it’s so important in the NHS.  

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Spring training

Posted on and updated on by John Deffenbaugh

The NHS Leadership Academy works with a world-class expert faculty of global business leaders, educators and practitioners. Our programme participants are offered opportunities to work with each of them. Here, John Deffenbaugh, faculty member, shares a unique perspective and discusses leadership lessons from the Chicago Cubs.

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How the Nye Bevan programme is supporting STP leaders

Posted on and updated on by Angela Pedder

Angela Pedder, lead chief executive of Wider Devon STP, discusses how leaders were supported to work and learn across the system Continue reading