What you'll experience

Intersect is a year-long programme. Starting in November 2016, it includes five residential modules ranging from four to five days.


Online learning is minimal.


The programme starts from the view that leadership does not have to be dependent on a position of authority. It is values-driven, shared across organisations and distributed at every level. It works with complex issues for better outcomes, not the fantasy of neat solutions, though it is solutions- focused. It facilitates the sharing of goals, knowledge and work in an environment of mutual respect.


Systems leadership goes beyond just working together; its shared approach creates synergies by combining people’s energies, ideas, talents and expertise across the board. Understanding the context of complexity, the programme aims to spread leadership across individuals, services, sectors, communities and professions. Only this approach can provide the foundation to ensure services that create the pathways of integrated care.


 “Probably the biggest change for me is to step out of my comfort zone and think, well if I don’t do it nobody else will, so let’s get on with it.”


Kerry Jackson, Chief Executive – St Gemma’s Hospice

Who are the programme faculty?