We welcome Government’s Francis report response

The NHS Leadership Academy welcomes the Secretary of State’s initial response to the Francis report.

Jan Sobieraj, managing director of the NHS Leadership Academy, said: “We are delighted to be identified as part of the solution, and today’s response reinforces our current strategy and approach.

“We really welcome the opportunity to initiate a major programme to encourage new talent from clinical professionals and from outside the NHS into top leadership positions in addition to our existing work.

“As an already established organisation working with a range of academic and private sector partners, our purpose is to make sure the NHS has leaders with the right values, behaviours and competencies. Indeed, through our range of current programmes we are already developing leaders and leadership at every level to influence the culture and values of the NHS from ‘ward to board.”

Today’s response comes just a few weeks after our announcement naming the internationally renowned partners we will be working with to help us deliver the largest-ever leadership transformation programme to change culture within the NHS.

These programmes, which will formally launch this autumn, will help transform the working lives, organisational culture and patient care delivered by around 25,000 NHS leaders.

In addition, we also recently started nursing and midwifery programmes and over the next three years will see around 5,000 senior and frontline nurses and midwives join these.

The Academy’s Top Leaders and fast track programme is named in today’s response as drawing clinical professionals and talent from outside of the NHS, identifying the best of the best, and by working with trusts, making sure the brightest and best leaders are in the top-level positions in the NHS. And our graduate training scheme external entry scheme also enables us to bring the country’s best and brightest university graduates in to the system.

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Long term leadership

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A few years ago, in very similar weather conditions we’re having at the moment, a community nurse I knew braved around seven miles on foot so that she could carry out her ward round. After all, caring for patients couldn’t wait, and the patient doesn’t have the luxury of shifting their everyday routine around – so it’s down to the staff to do that for them. On that day, it was that particular nurses outstanding determination to the job and commitment to her patients care that resonated with me. I also happened to find it out by chance because she didn’t actually tell anyone. To work in the NHS, we know that patient care should be at the forefront of everything we do but we also know that on some days, it requires incredible resilience and tenacity.

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