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Academy appoints people champions

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Developing a stronger patient, carer and service user voice in the NHS Leadership Academy’s work has taken a step forward with the appointment of four people champions.


Pam Bradbury, Lynne Craven, Robin Morrison and Peter Pinfield will all support the Academy’s Strategic Advisory Board.


Their appointments mark a new development for the Academy, with the four working together to discuss their role on the board and helping to shape the strategic direction of the organisation with their contribution.


The idea for a pool of champions was developed in collaboration with National Voices, Healthwatch England and the Centre for Patient Leadership and up to two champions will attend each meeting, with all four shaping their input.


One of the champions, Lynne, is an expert in self-management having lived with the impact of her long-term condition for some time, participating and influencing at both local and national level. The other three – Pam, Rob and Peter – are themselves patients, carers or service users as well as chairs from regional Healthwatch teams and


Head of communications and engagement at the NHS Leadership Academy, Helen Stevens, said: “We are thrilled that Pam, Lynne, Rob and Peter have joined us. Their voice will be hugely important in shaping the direction of conversations.


“Working with Healthwatch England, National Voices and the Centre for Patient Leadership to shape the meaningful involvement of patients, carers and service users at a national strategic level has been inspiring, as we worked together to find the best approach.


“Collectively we agreed that up to six champions working in a pool to support each other and the board was a great start – and to see how that evolved.


The Academy’s ambition is to equip the champions with the skills to not only take their learning to the Academy’s Strategic Advisory Board but also back into their wider patient roles too.

Helen added: “We have also challenged ourselves around inclusion and diversity and in the coming weeks will be seeking advice to recruit to the two vacant champion spaces with this in mind.”

This is a new development for the Academy and the process to agree selection and recruitment has been a learning journey for all the partners involved. Up to six champions can be appointed and the next phase is expected to start in the new year.

The Academy’s philosophy – great leadership development improves leadership behaviours and skills – is all about better leadership leading to better patient care, experience and outcomes. Patients, carers and service user voices are central to our approach.

Its purpose is to help develop outstanding leaders who positively inspire others to do everything that they can to improve people’s health, care, treatment and experiences of the NHS. Professionalising and broadening leadership, as well as creating a culture for inclusion and climate for innovation, are at the heart of the Academy’s approach.


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