Lead by example

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Apple Watch has now been launched.  I’ve had mine for two months, and it’s making a difference to the way I work and live.  The activity app prompts me to stand rather than sit, to walk up escalators, to watch the calories.  There is visibility of what is coming up on the calendar, so less stress of missing something.  The weather app means that I can prepare better and not get caught out.  And of course I can just wave the Watch at the scanner in Starbucks to get my coffee – now decaf.

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Eyes up

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Louis Sullivan was the architect who came up with the maxim, “form follows function”, arguing that a building’s purpose should determine its design. This is always a great reminder to NHS leaders who jump into restructuring before they figure out what they’re trying to achieve through the structure. After all, it’s easier to restructure than to change course. To mix my metaphors, leaders too often ‘rearrange the deckchairs’ instead of steering the ship away from the iceberg.

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