Head of inclusion and systems leadership, Tracie Jolliff

Securing diverse talent to create a more inclusive NHS culture

Posted on by Tracie Jolliff

Tracie Jolliff, director of inclusion at the NHS Leadership Academy, discusses the importance of securing diverse talent to create a more inclusive NHS culuture.

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“It’s literally like starting all over again at every appointment.”

Posted on by Rachel Hill

Evidence shows that compassionate leadership leads to improved staff engagement, which in turn results in better patient care. Patient Tommy Hill is eight years old and doesn’t have a diagnosis, but he has developmental delay of his gross motor skills. In her blog, Rachel Hill – Tommy’s mum – shares her most recent experience of one of his appointments, and how a more compassionate approach could have benefited Tommy and his family.  

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“The Mary Seacole programme has encouraged me to understand what I do and the differences it makes to patient care”

Posted on and updated on by Yasmine Soobhany

Yasmine Soobhany, data quality support manager at the North Middlesex University Hospital, began the six month Mary Seacole programme in May 2018. She shares her early experience of the programme and changes she has noticed in her latest blog.

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Leadership in the NHS: Making the impossible, possible

Posted on and updated on by Stephen Hart

The Academy works in collaboration with partners across the NHS to achieve its purpose of ensuring that “the NHS has the right number of leaders with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours that are required to deliver high quality services, improve health outcomes and continually improve patient care.” The recent publication of Leadership vacancies in the NHS from The Kings Fund and NHS Providers has highlighted that its services are more vital than ever.

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The other side

Posted on and updated on by Alan Nobbs

After 16 years of nursing, Alan Nobbs had reached a crossroads in his career where he could either move into general management or pursue nursing management. In his second blog of a series, Alan reflects on his decision to move into a more strategic nursing role, and the apprehension that followed.

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