40,000 Commitments

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This week I was very encouraged to learn that we have had over 40,000 downloads of our leadership development Self Assessment Tool since it was launched just over a year ago.

To me, these 40,000 clicks amount to 40,000 commitments from people who are signing up to help transform our health system.

It’s also a fantastic act of leadership in itself because for many it’s the first step they’ll take into the realms of leadership self development, often as a result of their own drive to improve the way they do things.
And it is this ‘self-development’ aspect of the tool that I think makes it so appealing. It enables healthcare professionals at any level to independently identify where their leadership strengths and development needs lie, and to assist them with their personal development. It’s an incredibly simple process with a great potential to influence changes and standardise what we know to be good and effective leadership in healthcare.

The tool consists of a series of multiple choice questions based on leadership qualities, such as ‘working with others’, ‘improving services’ and ‘setting direction’ and after completing the questions, users can choose to generate an ‘action plan’ to help improve their leadership behaviours.

The feedback is instantaneous and many users I have spoken to have said that it has helped them to make the changes they need to almost from the moment they see their feedback.

The Academy’s vision is to be seen as a centre of excellence and beacon of good practice for leadership development and talent management. Our work is never just about making good leaders through delivery of national programmes. We’re not a training agency. Our task is also about enabling leaders to develop themselves into good leaders through the support we offer. Our Self assessment tool is a fantastic example of just how people can manage their own learning and developing, through our tried and tested tools, frameworks and best practice. We’ve had over 40,000 downloads and now only have over a million more to go.

There are three versions of the Self Assessment Tool –the full leadership framework, medical and clinical versions. Why not have a go?

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