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“My Edward Jenner journey has been one of enlightenment and discovery”

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Dr Kerry Ann Louise Jobling is an academic teaching fellow at Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals Foundation Trust. Kerry shares her experience of the Edward Jenner programme and talks about how she has applied her new skills and behaviours to her current role.

My Edward Jenner journey has been one of enlightenment and discovery. With increasing responsibility in my job role as a teaching fellow I began the Edward Jenner programme to develop my leadership skills, fully aware of the ever-growing complexity and pressures of the current healthcare system.

We’re all used to the mundane standard mandatory training packages that we undertake every year in our healthcare roles and I was a little worried I would receive a similar experience but I couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised. The mixture of activities and modes of delivery, ranging from videos to visually represented healthcare models and highly relevant articles, kept me engaged throughout. While working through the programme I would look forward to seeing what I was going to learn next and the personal dashboard means you can clearly track your progress the whole way through.

I found the sections on ‘influencing styles’ and addressing ‘today’s healthcare challenges’ particularly powerful. The build-up of practical challenges and thought-provoking reflections led to several mental ‘penny drops’. One was when I realised that to be an effective leader we do not need to magically transform into somebody else. The programme helped me to appreciate which leadership qualities I already have and which behaviours I can harness further to progress my leadership journey through continuous application in the future.

I have been able to constantly apply my new learning to my daily life and have enjoyed returning to the platform to share my experiences with others in my online cohort. I also found reading the entries of other members, which often resonated with my own experiences very reassuring.

I have applied my newly-developed skills and behaviours to my role as a lead teaching fellow in my hospital and have seen positive effects within my interpersonal relationships by finally being able to delegate effectively and appropriately with the art of diplomacy and motivation!

I really can’t recommend the Edward Jenner programme enough. The programme gets you to start thinking like a leader and realise that you have leadership potential no matter what your job role. It is a fantastic first step in anyone’s leadership journey and is just the right amount of work in the given time. Most importantly it is relevant, real and will inspire you to strive to be the best leader you can be, for your patients and your team.

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