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The Academy first arrived on the Twittersphere in July, 2012. Since then, it has built up a loyal following of thousands which continues to grow on a daily basis.

We always try to stay actively engaged with our audience online and find it particularly beneficial when it comes to events and most recently, the launch of our professional development programmes.

We have been delighted to see programme applicants and participants tweet us their questions, progress and excitement on their leadership journey. So for that, a massive thank you from all of us.

Demonstrating and encouraging openness and transparency has never been so important in the healthcare community, and we want to ensure that you feel we are easily accessible online. Here’s a handful of the growing list of Academy tweeters you may or may not be following. Feel free to say hello to them!

Role, name

Twitter handle

NHS Leadership Academy @NHSLeadership
NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme @NHSGradScheme
Managing director, Jan Sobieraj @JanSobieraj
Deputy managing director, Karen Lynas @KarenLynas2012
Head of practice, Dave Ashton @DaveAshton_
Head of professional development, Chris Lake @ChrisLake1
Senior programme lead for inclusion, Yvonne Coghill @YvonneCoghill1
Senior programme lead for delivery and frameworks, Alan Nobbs @AlanNobbs
Head of engagement, Helen Stevens @HelenStevens_
Programme lead: Practice development, Stacey Lally @Stacey_Lally
Programme lead: Organisational development, Karen Dumain @KarenDumain1
Programme lead: TLC and talent management, Michelle Fitzgerald @MFitzgerald_
Programme lead: Top leaders, Charmaine Kwame @Charms1504
Programme lead: NHS Executive search, Sally Scales @SallyScales1

We never start discussions without a plan in place to see what people are saying so that we can engage with those who have an interest in the development of the Academy and its work. Our hashtags are a great way to track these conversations, so look out for the ones we have listed below:


Great leaders are everywhere in the health service and we want to find them.The NHS Leadership recognition awards will take place in February, 2014 following our regional awards last year.


For applicants/participants of the Edward Jenner programme.


For applicants/participants of the Mary Seacole programme.


For applicants/participants of the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson programme.


For applicants/participants of the Nye Bevan programme.


The NHS Leadership Academy has been working with research partners to develop a new model for leadership in our health service. It is useful for everyone and has been developed to help staff who work in health and care to become better leaders. #LeadershipModel


You can’t put a limit on engagement, especially a limit of 140 characters per tweet, so be sure to view the regular blogs posted from many of those above and share your opinions with us here on the website.

In addition to Twitter, we have a Facebook page which includes our ‘Proud of the NHS’ gallery with staff at all levels of the healthcare system sporting their ‘Proud of the NHS’ badges. We’d encourage you to have a look as there are quite a few familiar faces in there you may recognise. Finally, be sure to connect with us on LinkedIn for the more formal updates in many of our groups.

So now you know, we look forward to hearing from you. We’ve got lots of plans ahead to further develop our social media presence online and we want you to be a part of it. Be sure to stop by our page and say hello to @NHSLeadership!

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