Let’s dream differently

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One of the joys of my job is being able to sneak in on some of the great sessions we run for participants and get a taste of their learning.

Just the other week I was involved in a session on the options for the future in healthcare. I thought it then and indeed, it’s something I think about a lot – how do we imagine and create a different future? I mean, really imagine.

My son often reminds me how old I am and how very quickly things change.  Sublimely those reminders are often about radical developments in health – he is convinced in a few years’ time he’ll be rearing his own pig that holds a spare of any organ he might need. We had a ridiculous conversation yesterday about putting the Christmas bonus out for the binmen and me remembering when they had to cart metal bins from behind the house; ‘but I thought that was in the olden days mum!’ he exclaims. (These new-fangled wheely bins are a very recent invention in my mind and a horrible symbol of how much more waste we all generate.)

We also had a chat about HS2. My view is that it’s an unhelpful application of new technologies. The future should not be about increasing pace but about how radically different our thinking can be. Not; how can we do more quickly and efficiently the thing we do today? But; how do we re-imagine what we can do differently? I am hoping in 20 years’ time we’re not all still carting ourselves up and down the country to business meetings and events, filling up more roads, rails and sky with pointless journeys. I kind of like the idea of having a ‘business avatar’ who I manage remotely in my home who goes to all these business meetings in some virtual world. Remove the need to travel for business at all. It may sound ludicrous but it’s that kind of thing we need to change the way we work (and by the way if anyone invents it you heard it here first!). Travel can then just be something we do for pleasure, and transport can reflect that; trains that don’t do the same miserable experience just slightly shorter – but are moving venues with space to think, play sports, get your hair done – whatever you’d like to spend two hours doing.

In a very creative way these conversations happen time and again on our programmes. Stop worrying about what seems ridiculous now. Don’t limit your thinking and creativity.

We need to think about what it is we are trying to create for our health services and give ourselves permission to think, and dream differently. Spend our money on a new future, not a more brutally dystopian but hugely more efficient version of the one we have now. I’ve seen the people on our programmes, I am confident they can dream of a very different future, one even my son would be happy with!

3 replies on “Let’s dream differently”

  • Henry Ford — ‘If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.’
    I’m not really one for quotes if I am honest but this seems to resonate in my work and fits your blog. I’m sure it is one you are very familiar with.
    I am after all a nutter who wants to bar code the worlds population!

    Claire Madon
  • Nice one, we can learn so much by being challenged through and by today’s children
    To me it is not an ‘either’ ‘or’, it is an ‘and’. Meeting Karen’s Avatar might be as useful as meeting her in person, there will be times when one is better than the other, but it’s not exclusive.

    Sebastian Hendricks
    • … and no barcode on my trees and bees, my plants and ants, my pleasures and my leisures, there certain thing that are better left without, just the way they are.
      No typos can be corrected here, so will they stay

      Sebastian Hendricks

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