Reflection and anticipation

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While the end of the calendar year is a time when we naturally feel reflective, many of us are already looking to the detail of the future. 2013/14 was brought sharply into view with the issue of the NHS Commissioning Board’s planning guidance, Everyone Counts.

It is all change for many of us working within the system. To design, plan and manage this new, broad and very complex system will take dedication and focus. Never before has leadership been so important.

Here at the Academy we have been taking stock of how far we have come in the past six months. I have been amazed and delighted at the level of engagement we have had through our stakeholder consultation, our website and our events. There is a huge level of interest for our work. I heard today that over 50,000 people have downloaded our 360 self-assessment tool, with around 500 more doing so every day.

In the early part of next year we will be hitting the ground running as we are almost fully established – we are already balancing the need for high quality interventions which need to be delivered at a pace. In the new financial year, there will be 212 proposed new CCGs and 23 CSUs. There are over 100 aspirant foundation trusts and currently over 130 Health and Well Being Boards, and of course there are many other system leaders.

The Academy will continue to support the new organisations and more. We’ll be launching nurse/midwife programmes before March next year and three core programmes in 2013. Our system leadership and work with local delivery partners will continue.

Whilst behind the scenes the entire system is shifting. From a patient perspective it’s business as usual and, for them, most things will remain the same. That’s where the title of Everyone Counts really resonates. Through all of this change, improving patient care and experience needs to remain paramount.

At the Academy, we feel like we have arrived and progress so far is good. Thanks to everyone for their support, the real test of making a significant difference begins in earnest…

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