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This week we’ve been celebrating the commitment and achievements of some of our brightest emerging clinical leaders.

We heard about the fantastic accomplishments of those who have completed our Clinical Leadership Fellowship programme and welcomed those who are about to embark upon it.

The event, held yesterday and today, saw 59 of our graduating Fellows share insights and reflections of their hard work over the past year. We heard about outstanding project work which has resulted in transformed services for patients.  Fifty nine individuals who have led on 59 new and improved ways of doing things within their own organisations.

Today the 2011/2012 graduating Fellows met the 80 Fellows chosen for this year, and we were also joined by Sir David Nicholson and new health Minister Anna Soubry MP. You could almost touch the atmosphere of energy, passion and ambition in the room. Everyone felt a strong sense of anticipation of what’s to come.

And let’ not underestimate the significance of what’s to come.  Clinical innovators who can lead teams and shape the healthcare of their localities are crucial to the successful delivery of improved patient care. The enormous challenges facing the NHS require clinicians of all backgrounds to use their knowledge of patient needs to shape, improve and deliver patient services.

The strength of the Clinical Leadership Fellowship Programme is that it gives participants the tools and knowledge to do just this, in the real word. It is structured around academic learning but very much grounded by a real-time service improvement project.

This means that not only do the participating individuals benefit, but so do entire services, departments and organisations. We’ve seen patient pathways improved, enhanced technology for treatment introduced and new services offered for better patient experience. The impact of this investment really is untold.

I wish the 2011 Fellows the very best of luck on their leadership journey and welcome the 2012 intake on board.

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