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What a Day!

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Today I woke with plenty of optimism and ready for the day ahead.It was only when I stepped out of bed that I felt as if someone had glued a dumbbell to my head and my throat felt like I had sandpaper jammed down there; yes, I had succumbed to this horrible virus that has been troubling my three children one by one and has plagued their school. I am rarely sick (long may that last) so I was determined not to be beaten and not whinge…. I think not.  After attacking the medicine cabinet and sinking a strong cuppa I was ready for work.

I had a talking engagement today at the South East Coast BME Building Blocks celebration event. I last met this group just over 12 months ago at their programme induction and today I had the pleasure of talking to them again about our Leadership for Equality work programme.   Despite my temperature and ever deepening voice I felt good, which was helped by the warmth expressed by the wonderful participants.  They really made my day, especially when I listened to each of their three minute stories of being on the development programme.  Each of them had a different edge but they all left me feeling inspired and excited by the next generation of future leaders – all of whom possess exceptional emotional intelligence and to top it all they understood the importance of emotional intelligence in leadership.

The event finished with hugs and high fives all round and off I set on the M25 home bound, it was the most horrendous wet and slow journey home but I finally got back in one piece ready for my next event, the kids’ bedtime routine – not forgetting my temperature and sore throat of course, poor me…

Then before I knew it, I was suddenly entangled in bursts of laughter and an air of happiness which was brought on by four simple words that I communicated to my (much) better half, I said, ‘your hair looks nice’ and then bang! I was the best man in town.  Here’s the thing, that morning amongst the usual madness she informed me that she was getting her hair cut and I knew she had no confidence in my ability to later remember this as I rarely do.  So imagine her surprise when I did!  Truth be told it was an incredible fluke but what luck.  There is a moral to this story, and that is (for me anyway) to apply my listening skills that I do so well at work and in coaching back at the helm, i.e. at home, it matters!  The evidence is there, just one simple intervention (listening and feedback) and the outcome is immense and pretty satisfying too.  The same applies back at the workplace…..

Have a great weekend!

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