How the Nye Bevan programme is supporting STP leaders

Posted on and updated on by Angela Pedder

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Visibility Generates Trust: Walking the talk as an inclusive leader

Posted on and updated on by Bobbie Petford

Bobbie Petford is an organisational development practitioner at Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust and a graduate of The Elizabeth Garrett Anderson programme. In her first blog for the NHS Leadership Academy, Bobbie discusses the importance of inclusive leadership in organisations, and how her participation on the two-year MSc leadership programme helped her put her own values on inclusion into action.

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“Thanks to The Ready Now programme I can hold my head high and not feel alone anymore”

Posted on and updated on by Ranjita Sen

Ready Now participant Ranjita Sen discusses how it gave her the confidence to combat the barriers she’s faced as a senior leader from a black, Asian and minority ethic (BAME) background.  

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How The Mary Seacole programme is helping to educate patients on diabetes

Posted on and updated on by Claire Vine

Claire Vine is a diabetes nurse specialist at the Diabetes Care Centre based in the Craylands Clinic, Basildon. After starting to take on more of a leadership role, she was keen to develop her skills: “I was conscious that I was leading and managing without any of the theoretical knowledge and was really keen to build this up. I decided to look into The Mary Seacole programme and my colleagues were really supportive.”

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The Mary Seacole programme has helped transform psychological therapies

Posted on and updated on by Stephen Freer

On World Mental Health Day (Monday 10 October), Stephen Freer, a former participant of The Mary Seacole programme looks at how it has helped him transform psychological therapies in the Somerset area.

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