How the Mary Seacole programme helped build a Trust wide network

Posted on by Kate Ward

Kate Ward is a clinical team manager at Leeds and York Partnership Foundation Trust. Kate completed the Mary Seacole programme – aimed at first time leaders in healthcare – in September 2017 and shares her experience and plans for further development.

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“The Stepping Up programme is a life-changing experience and I will never be the same because of it.”

Posted on and updated on by Esther Akorede

After working for over three years with little to no tangible progression, Esther Akorede, senior paediatric audiologist was unsure of where to go next. Esther explains how the arrival of the Stepping Up programme helped her break the glass ceiling she felt was blocking her success.

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“It’s about becoming the type of leader that can benefit patients and staff beyond your immediate portfolio”

Posted on and updated on by Louise Thompson

Nye Bevan programme graduate and director of communications at Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Louise Thompson, tells us how the programme has helped her to recognise her own value as a leader while keeping front line staff and patient focus at the centre of her thinking.

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“The NHS benefits when staff can bring their whole selves to work”

Posted on and updated on by Chris Oliver

Chris Oliver, chief operating officer at Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, talks about the personal impact of the Nye Bevan programme, which helped him progress his NHS career and deliver a new Discharge to Assess model of care.
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“I’m confident that I’m doing things that are right for the NHS, not just because someone has said they need to be done.”

Posted on and updated on by Diane Baynham

Diane Baynham is head of service design, digital urgent and emergency care at NHS England. She credits the Nye Bevan programme with improving her self-confidence and reaffirming that her leadership identity is firmly grounded in the values of the NHS Constitution.

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