Patients of east lancashire to benefit from local CCG’s learning

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Almost 15% of NHS East Lancashire Clinical Commissioning Group are undertaking NHS Leadership Academy programmes.

With a resource of £501m, NHS East Lancashire CCG directly employs 52 staff to commission and deliver services for their local population – and from their inception have highlighted the importance of and support for all NHS Leadership Academy programmes.

To date, staff at all levels have started on their leadership journeys, from Edward Jenner participants to the more senior Nye Bevan, almost 15% of their workforce are now benefitting from personal and professional development – ultimately improving their ability to commission quality services and care for all of East Lancashire.

Senior Operating Officer and participant on the Nye Bevan programme, Catherine Randall, said: “We are lucky that our organisation sees the benefit of and is committed to our development and we have already begun to see a huge impact from our learning.

Edward Jenner and Mary Seacole participants for example have become more ambitious and are engaging more with senior colleagues; they have seen how those of us on Elizabeth Garrett Anderson and Nye Bevan are growing, the activities we are involved in and they want to be part of it!

“We have all in our own ways become more confident and have been inspired by our programmes to show how our learning really does have that ripple effect, starting with us, spreading to our teams and ultimately benefiting the health and lives of our patients and carers.”

Speaking on behalf of her colleagues, Catherine highlighted the importance of creating Action Learning Sets within their organisation, enabling staff to share their learning and experiences whilst also providing an internal support network for each other. This has ultimately been written into the CCG’s training policy, so that all who take part in the programmes receive the same support and guidance, with the organisation ultimately benefitting from the investment into their development.

The development opportunities offered by the NHS Leadership Academy are a major investment into health and social care – with a range of tools, models, programmes and expertise to support individuals and organisations to develop and support great leaders, enabling them to provide better patient care, experience and outcomes.

Jan Sobieraj, managing director of the NHS Leadership Academy, said: “It is fantastic to hear that our participants are taking such great things from our programmes and that organisations are so committed to the development of their staff.

“We currently have more than 20,000 people undertaking our professional development programmes and hearing individual stories like these is a great way to ensure that we are having the impact we are aiming for – to ultimately improve patient experience and care.

“We know that great leadership leads to improved care and it is heartening to hear about how individuals, organisations and their local patient population are benefitting from their learning.”

Alongside ongoing learning and development, the NHS Leadership Academy programmes open participants up to a wealth of networks in order to share and learn from best practice, share ideas and gain insights that may not have been available before.

Applications for the professional development programmes are currently open and can be found on the NHS Leadership Academy website.

For more information on Catherine Randall and her colleague Kirsty Hollis’s journey and how their organisation and the people of East Lancashire are benefiting, read more here.

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