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Ward manager urges others to apply for the Mary Seacole programme

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Ward manager at Devon Partnership NHS Trust, Debbie Harris is urging others to apply for a fully funded leadership programme, which she believes was a significant help in gaining a recent promotion from charge nurse in an acute inpatient ward at the mental health trust.

Mary Seacole
Mary Seacole

The Mary Seacole programme is part of the largest investment in leadership the NHS has ever known. It is aimed those who either work in the NHS or provide NHS-funded care, and is equally relevant to clinical and support roles. It is particularly suited to those who are preparing to take on their first formal leadership position in healthcare or have recently done so.

More than 2,400 have already started the programme, with applications now open for the next intake this autumn.

Debbie began the Mary Seacole programme in October 2013, she said: “When the opportunity to apply for the Mary Seacole programme came up I knew I had to, to my surprise I was accepted. I didn’t know what to expect but hoped this would develop me as a leader as I had had no formal training and very little informal training.

She said: “The programme has given me a greater understanding of myself, my strengths and weaknesses, helped me identify the type of leader I want to be and to understand the skills needed to achieve this.

“The programme explored an incredible amount relating to the NHS which has broadened my outlook, increased my knowledge base and given me the confidence to apply for this post. During my presentation I was able to communicate clearly what was expected and demonstrate my knowledge. I definitely would not have been able to do this if it were not for the programme.”

Chris Lake, NHS Leadership Academy‘s head of professional development, said: “Understanding who you are as a leader and who you aspire to be is central to the Mary Seacole programme. It’s about understanding your impact on those around you and the opportunities you have to make a real, tangible difference to leading your team and especially to patient care.

“Congratulations to Debbie on her recent promotion, it’s great to hear that her experiences on the programme have helped to broaden her knowledge of the wider system and given her the confidence to take the next step in her leadership journey.”

The Mary Seacole programme is part of a suite of leadership development programmes, alongside the Edward Jenner, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson and Nye Bevan programmes.

22 replies on “Ward manager urges others to apply for the Mary Seacole programme”

  • I am dental nurse and receptionist working in NHS practice, Also have masters in international health services and hospital management from London south bank university. Kindly let me know if I am eligible for the programme/course, thank you.

    Swati Mishra
  • This may be more about my personal organisational skills than anything, but I can’t find details of programme dates and cohorts from the Mary Seacole page directly (and which I am frequently asked about).

    Can you advise?

    David Young
    • Hi David,
      Dates for the current recruiting intake are on this page: http://www.leadershipacademy.nhs.uk/grow/professional-leadership-programmes/mary-seacole-programme/

      Details for workshop dates are:

      Face to face workshop dates for autumn 2014 intake:

      1. One day on Saturday 25 October or Saturday 1 November 2014 (programme induction)
      2. One day on a weekday in the period 7 November to 28 November 2014
      3. One day on Saturday 31 January or Saturday 7 February 2015
      4. One day on a weekday in the period 13 April to 24 April 2015
      5. One day on Saturday 9 May or Saturday 16 May 2015
      6. One day on a weekday in the period 7 September to 18 September 2015

      • Hi James

        Where are the face to face sessions going to be held?


        Tina Cooke

        Tina Cooke
  • Can you please tell me the exact time it closes for London region on the 14th July.

    • Hi Caroline – the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson programme closes today at 5pm in London.
      Let us know if you have any more questions.

  • Hi, is it possible to submit an application without the uploaded documents and then submit them later? I had to request a copy of my degree certificates and have not yet received them

    many thanks, Sonia

    Sonia Burrows
  • Hi Sonia, instead of your certificate, please could you upload a copy of the email you sent requesting your degree/certificate?

  • Hi James
    I work as a Scientist in NHS R&D with a PhD. I would like to develop/improve my leadership skills. Do you think it is for people aspiring to become R&D leaders as well?
    Thank you

    Satya Maddi
    • Hello Satya,

      The programme aims to do exactly that, which will absolutely help toward your personal and professional development to assist you in your current and future roles. Please feel free to give us a call on 0113 322 5659 to find out more about the programme. You can also click on your local leadership academy at the following link to find out the closing date to apply: http://www.leadershipacademy.nhs.uk/programmes/mary-seacole-programme/


      James Marcus
  • Hi James

    I am a new ward manager and I feel Mary Seacole course is for me. Is it fully funded or my organisation has to pay? Where are the face-face workshops held in London?

    Mamsie Sbeko
    • Hi Mamsie,

      Yes, the programme is fully funded by the NHS Leadership Academy, however there will be a charge to your organisation if enrolled participants choose to leave the programme before completing (see terms and conditions). The workshops and tutur group sessions at a venue in your region. You can contact your local leadership academy at the following link for more information on this: http://www.leadershipacademy.nhs.uk/about/local-delivery-partners-ldps/


      James Marcus
  • Hi, I am interested in the Mary Seacole course, I am a senior research nurse , managing a small team of research nurses and clinical trails officers.Could you tell me when the next intake is?



    sheenagh Murphy
  • Hi James,

    Can I please confirm whether doctors apply can for this course?



    Dimitris Reissis
  • Hi James, I am a nurse from Salisbury and I applied to go on the Mary seacole course on the 14.1.15. My area is the themes valley. Please can you let me know when I will find out whether I have gotten into the course or not?

    Rebecca Reynolds
    • Hi Rebecca,

      Applicants will be notified at least 6 weeks before the start of the programme (mid February).


      James Marcus
  • Hi, my trust is currently recruiting senior staff who has not got a degree for advanced leadership and management apprenticeship training which I have shown interest of applying. I have a degree of BSc in Surgical Care, currently enrolled in Frontline Nurse & midwifes leadership academy in London cohort. Can I enquire of the differences of two programs , please?

    Kind regards,


    Karen Chan
  • Is the Mary Seacole programme running again later in the year? If so please can you tell me when applications open for Thames Valley area. Thanks

    Marcia Meaning

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