Leadership Academy

“It’s literally like starting all over again at every appointment.”

Evidence shows that compassionate leadership leads to improved staff engagement, which in turn results in better patient care. Patient Tommy […]

“My first experiences of nurse leadership”

Nurses represent the largest single workforce within the NHS family of 1.5 million people and, along with other clinical professionals, […]

The Rainbow Alliance

The Rainbow Alliance is a network of staff, service users and carers who are all committed to enhancing the quality […]

You can never be too care-full

In her fourth blog of a series, Clare Price-Dowd talks about the importance of care and the role it needs […]

“Thanks to the Ready Now programme I can hold my head high and not feel alone anymore”

Ready Now participant Ranjita Sen discusses how the programme gave her the confidence to combat the barriers she’s faced as […]

Back to basics: why diversity and inclusion are critical to leading much-needed change in the NHS

Despite 30 years of investment, the equality and diversity agenda hasn’t moved forward at anywhere near the pace we would […]

Being inclusive made me a more skilful midwife

Morvia Gooden, senior programme lead at the Academy, discusses the parallels between her midwifery career and her work on the […]

Visibility Generates Trust: Walking the talk as an inclusive leader

Bobbie Petford is an organisational development practitioner at Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust and a graduate of the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson […]


“As a black woman you have to work twice as hard to get to where you want to be”

Morvia Gooden, former nurse and senior programme lead at the NHS Leadership Academy shares her personal experiences of being a […]