Leadership Academy

The meaning of innovation

I’ve done several interviews with journalists this week and an interesting conversation came up which made me think about how we all ascribe different meanings to things.

Joining up the dots

As a new organisation, one of the most important elements of our work just now is building relationships with our stakeholders alongside researching examples of best practice in leadership development from those outside our organisation.

Trip to South Africa

Part of the initiative with the Tutu Foundation UK was that NHS colleagues would go to the international association of conflict management conference.

Living our values

The NHS Leadership Academy has well and truly arrived…There is a fresh and exciting buzz about our offices in Leeds and London.

Developing and delivering national leadership programmes

There’s a huge amount of common ground between great leaders across all industries, in terms of the behaviour we would expect them to show and the commitment and drive to get their service right.

Local leadership capabilities

There has been lots of talk recently of the importance of standardising health leadership in the NHS and I’m sure […]

Leadership for Equality: Work with the Tutu Foundation

The NHS Leadership Academy’s has been working with the Tutu Foundation UK for one year.

Developing and embedding a common vision for health leadership

Everyone out there working on a ward, in a clinic, in an office, in a surgery, or in the community will know what good leadership in the NHS looks like.

Leadership development for a new health system