Leadership Academy

The leadership challenge

Many often ask what I mean when I say that the NHS needs to face up to the ‘leadership challenge’. It’s a question that I try to answer by referring to the wider context by painting a picture of the current situation the NHS finds itself, how leadership is key to delivering the change we need, and what I think good leadership looks like.

Keeping it real

Last year when I commissioned the Tutu Foundation to do some work for Leadership for Equality, I have to admit that it was the Archbishop…


Having worked in the NHS for 34 years and seen and been through more changes than I can count on the digits of my hands and feet…

Lessons from Paris

Last week I was lucky enough to go to the Institute of Health Improvement (IHI) Quality and Safety in Healthcare conference in Paris.

Busman’s holiday

I’ve just returned from my holiday in Atlanta Georgia. I arrived in the US during the last week of black history month.

Top teams

My team consists of seven people: three regional coordinators, three administrators and me. I am incredibly proud of the team.

Positive action equals positive outcomes

Colleagues frequently tell me that having a programme specifically for BME staff is unfair.

What a Day!

Today I woke with plenty of optimism and ready for the day ahead. It was only when I stepped out of bed…