Leadership Academy

“A free, online programme to develop aspiring leaders? Yes please!”

Samantha Gillett is a governance support officer at NHS Trafford Clinical Commissioning Group. In her blog, Samantha talks about her […]

“You don’t need to be a manager to be a leader”

Daniel Gooding, staff nurse at Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Hospital discusses how the Edward Jenner programme helped him to develop […]

“Developing leadership skills needs to be a priority for all of us regardless of our title or position.”

Julia Gray is a chartered accountant in NHS finance and recently completed the Edward Jenner programme. In her blog, Julia […]

“The programme opened my eyes to the methods of leadership in healthcare.”

Louisa Conlon – Chief Pharmaceutical Officer’s Clinical Fellow at the Care Quality Commission – recently undertook the Edward Jenner programme. […]

“My Edward Jenner journey has been one of enlightenment and discovery”

Dr Kerry Ann Louise Jobling is an academic teaching fellow at Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals Foundation Trust. Kerry shares her […]

“I’m proud to say my health conditions didn’t stop me.”

Nicholas Robinson is a scanning and informatics clerk at Cheshire Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. His previous blog shared how […]

‘Thanks to the Edward Jenner programme I’ve now got the confidence and foundations to develop as a leader’

Nicholas Robinson is a Scanning and Informatics Clerk at Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.  Nicholas has Autism and […]

Patient experience in the Edward Jenner programme

Participating as a patient in the production of the Edward Jenner programme has been an extremely worthwhile experience.