Five reasons to apply for The Nye Bevan programme

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The Nye Bevan programme has been specifically designed to develop senior leaders. It’s been shown to accelerate individuals into executive roles, helping them perform better at board level, and help boards better meet operational challenges today and enable change for tomorrow. Designed with national and international experts in health and organisational performance, the programme offers support and learning to build personal resilience, confidence and capabilities over 12 months. Here’s five reasons to apply for The Nye Bevan programme.


1. Prepare yourself for a board level position: The need for leaders with the competence, skill, expertise and experience to lead the NHS is more pressing than ever. If you’re aiming for executive leadership, this is the ideal programme for you. It aims to help you perform better at board level and has been shown to increase progression into executive roles, so you’re more likely to achieve a promotion if you’re recognised as a programme participant. Intakes one and two of the programme had a collective pass rate of 97%, with 35% of our survey respondents confirming promotions, acting up or enhancements in their current role as a direct result of the programme within a month or so of graduation.


2. Build relationships with the wider system: At board level, you’re going to need to collaborate with colleagues and peers to build system-wide support networks and solve difficult problems. Better relationships with partner agencies also means smoother delivery of care across the system, so less waste and more efficient use of resource. Through the programme, you’ll build personal contacts with other influential leaders and join a wider network from which to derive new ideas.


3. Learn how to deal with situations with confidence: Designed with national and international experts in health and organisational performance, this programme offers support and learning to build the personal resilience, confidence and capability you’ll need at board level. It’s a safe space in which to test your response to some of the challenges you’ll face. You’ll do this by submitting evidence to each other, practising the kind of behaviours that differentiate executive performance, holding your peers to account and making pass or fail decisions on each other’s work.


4. Increased awareness of your approach to leadership: At the NHS Leadership Academy, we believe that leadership begins with knowing ‘what it’s like to be on the receiving end of me?’ The programme will give you ample opportunities to explore your leadership style from your own perspective, and that of other participants. During the programme, you’ll also be empowered to seek feedback in your workplace from your peers, team members and others. You’ll then have greater awareness of how you choose to behave in different settings.


5. Increase your influence: The programme enables participants to provide leadership to the local health system, as well as your immediate organisation. Your insight into your leadership style will enable you to have the maximum impact on decisions affecting services across your area, which means you’ll be able to use your leadership behaviours, approaches and relationships to influence and improve the way healthcare is delivered.


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“Nye Bevan came at the right time in my development, enabling reflection on my role in the NHS and remembering why I remain an enthusiastic member of my local healthcare team. It provided opportunity to develop skills needed to be a successful leader in our Vanguard programmes of system transformation.”

Liz Dover, Deputy Network Director South, Cumbria CCG

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