Leadership Academy

Evaluation of our programmes

The NHS Leadership Academy evaluates all programmes as well as undertaking research to inform its future provision.  We undertake both formative and summative evaluation of programmes and interventions to ensure the work of the Academy remains current and relevant and that our participants are applying their learning for the maximum impact across health and social care.

Using our innovative LeaDER (c) methodology, which was developed through a collaboration between leadership experts and academics across England, our evaluations capture the experiences of not only the participants but also the commissioners and those delivering the intervention and we do this at the beginning, during the intervention and afterwards – ensuring multiple perspectives are gathered.

Find out more:  Evaluation framework (527 downloads)

Each year we produce a meta analysis of evaluations relating to both national and local interventions.  The 2018/19 report will be available in Spring 2019.

In addition we commission further independent studies on our national programmes which both look at the impact of the program and the career progression of participants.

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