The Rainbow Alliance

Posted on and updated on by Kate Ward

The Rainbow Alliance is a network of staff, service users and carers who are all committed to enhancing the quality of the services which Leeds and York Partnership Foundation Trust deliver to the LGBT+ community. Mary Seacole programme graduate and clinical team manager, Kate Ward, shares her personal motivations for setting up the network and the steps she took to build support for what has now become a movement.

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LGBT+ History Month 2018: Mapping the world

Posted on and updated on by Simon Stanton

Simon Stanton is a UK-trained diagnostic allied healthcare provider and has been living in Sydney, Australia for 13 years. To mark this year’s LGBT+ History Month and its theme of geography – mapping the world, Simon sheds light on some of the equality issues facing Australia’s healthcare system.

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“The NHS benefits when staff can bring their whole selves to work”

Posted on and updated on by Chris Oliver

Chris Oliver, chief operating officer at Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, talks about the personal impact of the Nye Bevan programme, which helped him progress his NHS career and deliver a new Discharge to Assess model of care.
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Back to basics: why diversity and inclusion are critical to leading much-needed change in the NHS

Posted on and updated on by Tracie Jolliff

Despite 30 years of investment, the equality and diversity agenda hasn’t moved forward at anywhere near the pace we would have liked. Indeed, many colleagues have lost sight of the value this work brings. Tracie Jolliff explores the need to go back to basics.

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Visibility Generates Trust: Walking the talk as an inclusive leader

Posted on and updated on by Bobbie Petford

Bobbie Petford is an organisational development practitioner at Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust and a graduate of the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson programme. In her first blog for the NHS Leadership Academy, Bobbie discusses the importance of inclusive leadership in organisations, and how her participation on the two-year MSc leadership programme helped her put her own values on inclusion into action.

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