65,000 pledges for 65 years – NHS Leadership Academy leading by example on NHS Change Day

Introduction Text:
The NHS Leadership Academy is joining the NHS Change movement and pledging to ‘give future leaders of the NHS the skills and behaviours to make real improvements to patient care.’

NHS Change Day (13th March 2013) is a day for everyone in the NHS, regardless of where you are in the country, to demonstrate the difference they can make by making just one small pledge.

Jan Sobieraj, managing director at the NHS Leadership Academy, said:

“Our purpose as an Academy is to develop outstanding leadership and to do this we are focused on giving our future leaders the skills to make real and noticeable improvements to patient care and we fully support everyone making pledges today.

“NHS Change Day is a great way to get your pledge across, though of course ours is not just for the day but is integral to us as an organisation and will be embedded into our core programmes as developers of excellent leaders.”

NHS Change Day is an initiative devised by emerging health leaders who want to make this call to action the largest improvement event in the NHS to date. The ambitious programme is about how each individual worker and team across the country can make one small change to ultimately improve the experience of each individual patient that enters our GP practices, hospitals or community settings.

Karen Lynas, deputy managing director at the NHS Leadership Academy, said:

“NHS Change Day not only marks 65 years of the NHS but also sits extremely well with our own purpose at the Academy – by developing best practice and championing innovation we really can make that vital difference to the entire patient experience.

“The initial aim of the programme is to get 65,000 pledges – this is actually only around 6% of the entire NHS workforce and at the Leadership Academy I think we can do much better than this! I have encouraged all of my colleagues to make their own pledges – one simple change or idea can change the thinking and approach of an entire organisation and I look forward to the public seeing the results.”

Those who wish to take part can go to the NHS Change Day website at http://www.changemodel.nhs.uk/changeday

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