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Join the Faculty and help develop outstanding NHS leaders

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[message]Please note, the Faculty tendering process has now closed.[/message]

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The NHS Leadership Academy is seeking to expand its team of leadership experts by tendering for 35 practitioners to support the delivery of its range of leadership development programmes.

Working with specialists in organisational and leadership development, the Academy is able to draw from a wide range of skills, expertise and experience in the health and public sector and beyond, to respond and adapt to the changing needs of the NHS.

Known as the Academy’s faculty, these specialists are involved in the design and delivery of a number of its high-profile national programmes including NHS Top Leaders, the NHS Graduate Management Trainee Scheme, nursing and midwifery leadership development programmes and the recently launched professional development programmes. The faculty includes individual practitioners as well as named individuals from large consultancy firms and academic organisations.

Dr Dave Ashton, head of practice at the NHS Leadership Academy, said: “To achieve the Leadership Academy’s principal aim of developing outstanding leadership in health and to realise the benefits this will give for patient experience and outcomes, it’s vital we have the right resources in place. Our faculty are a team of highly expert practitioners in the leadership and organisational development field who support us in achieving this aim.

“The variety of work for members of the faculty is huge, ranging from relatively small group interventions with senior NHS leaders, through to large workshops of over 100 people. A number of the Academy’s faculty work closely together for the input in to the design of some of our key programmes and the delivery of many.”

Recruitment for the faculty is through OJEU tender. Successful bidders will be contracted from January 2014 for an initial three years with the opportunity to extend for a further year.

[message]Please note, the Faculty tendering process has now closed.[/message]

More information on the tender and the work of the Academy’s faculty is available on the NHS Leadership Academy website or the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU).

4 replies on “Join the Faculty and help develop outstanding NHS leaders”

  • This is so interesting, and would like to know more,
    NHS has been managed for far to long, Leadership is the way forward, empowering our teams by believing in their ability, valuing personal assets with gratitude and appreciation, to embed a new culture shift

    Marie Tolman
  • UK needs new leadership with MS. A top IVR has offered to come to UK to help me via our NHS and help train others too in unblocking our veins and valves in our necks over 40,000 have now had WORLDWIDE much safer than MS drugs too. We need a new direction and have been in contact lots worldwide with so many IVRs and Dr Zamboni also. Been in meetings online also and in 14 videos representing UK by many in the world too

  • Looks marvellous. Only just seen – closing date on tender notice is 13 September but is still being advertised on this page – is it still open?

    Angela Blacklaw
  • Hi,
    I am responsible for Leadership and Management Development in the Health Service Executive in Ireland (HSE). We employ over 60,000 people directly and another 40,000 indirectly. Having taken over this role relatively recently, I would love to make contact with my counterpart in your Leadership Academy. We are currently running Succession Management Pilot Programmes on a regional basis and also researching best practice in leadership development, with a particular emphasis on a blended learning approach, to facilitate busy leaders in senior front line and corporate positions
    I would be happy to share our experiences and would also like to discuss your highly respected development processes. The HSE is currently moving in the general direction of Trusts and it would be useful to get the benefit of your experiences in this area.

    Jim Fleming

    Jim Fleming

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