Update on the Ready Now programme

Having received a vast number of applicants, we have spent the last few weeks interviewing potential participants for the Ready Now programme.

The applications we received identified clear levels of talent, so to qualify for the programme, we ran a thorough two-stage selection process which included a written application, shortlisting (regionally and nationally) followed by video interviews of the shortlisted candidates.

Although we originally anticipated to run more than one cohort of the programme, and there was clearly a tremendous range of talent amongst applicants, the rigorous selection process brought some important information to our attention – meaning we had to revise our original plans. Firstly, we were only able to populate one cohort of participants for the Ready Now programme on the basis of the criteria set; and secondly, it highlighted the need to develop an alternative offer which is tailored to meet the development needs identified for over 50 applicants who had demonstrated significant potential throughout the process.

As a result, we are currently in the process of designing this additional intervention based upon the information gleaned from the above, and hope to be offering this to those who have already been notified over the coming months.

The sheer number of applicants demonstrates a need for these kinds of programmes and although we recognise that many will have been disappointed on this occasion, there will be future opportunities on offer as we develop a number of different ways in which those aspiring to senior roles may progress.

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  • Hi

    I applied for the Elizabeth Garrett Programme September 2014, however despite numerous enquiries i still have not been notified as to weather or not I have been successful, I suspect not but could you please confirm one way or the other.

    allison lamph
    • Hi Allison, apologies if you haven’t heard back. Please contact [email protected] for your enquiry. I assure you that you will get a prompt response regarding the outcome of the application.

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