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How can we encourage leaders to be more innovative? What do you think is needed to develop locally relevant and inclusive leadership?

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The NHS Leadership Academy – the national hub created to develop outstanding leadership in health – has launched an engagement exercise to help shape its long term leadership development plans.

At its heart is a questionnaire that [highlight]the Academy will use to gain insight into what the healthcare system wants leadership development to look like in the next five years.[/highlight] To view the questionnaire visit our engagement microsite at new.leadershipacademy.nhs.uk/ourplans.

The Academy has set out its purpose but wants the help of people across the system to create a strategy that will have the biggest possible impact in the next five years.

The Academy will use feedback from its key audiences – which include NHS clinical and managerial staff groups at all levels, as well as patients and the public – to develop its five-year strategy, which will be finalised in January 2013.

The questions cover everything from which types of organisations the Academy should work with to create the biggest impact, to who should be targeted as a priority for leadership development.

There are also questions about the areas of leadership development that the Academy should focus on for both individuals and organisations. For example should the focus be on skills, toolkits and knowledge, behavioural skills and/or leadership styles? Should the Academy look at leadership development beyond organisational boundaries? What about leadership for transformational change?

This will be real engagement and opinions from all corners of the health and social care system will be sought.

The Academy will take to the road with a presence at many events across the country in the coming months to talk to individuals about what they want leadership development to look like.

A range of interactive materials will also be employed to encourage the Academy’s audiences to take part in the engagement – including a microsite at new.leadershipacademy.nhs.uk/ourplans as well as social media including Twitter (#DevelopOurPlans).

“The Academy is for the NHS and the health system. But if it is to be a successful strategic intervention and deliver outstanding leadership in health, it must co-design its products with the health system and focus its attention on areas where the system knows it will have the biggest impact.

“We know we can succeed because we have huge support; an outstanding Leadership Framework and crucial evidence about the types of leaders who are currently operating in the NHS. But to have the best possible impact we must develop the detail of our work with the system. This is what this engagement will do.

“Let’s not underestimate the importance of getting leadership development right now and in the future. With transformation at a scale and pace the NHS has never seen before, the fundamental difference between success and failure is the quality of leadership.”

Jan Sobieraj, Managing Director of the NHS Leadership Academy

The NHS Leadership Academy’s engagement exercise will close on Friday 7 December 2012.

For more information about the Academy’s engagement and to take part in the questionnaire visit the Academy’s microsite at new.leadershipacademy.nhs.uk/ourplans. Join the debate on our Twitter @nhsleadership using our engagement hashtag #DevelopOurPlans.

[message]The consultation has now closed[/message]

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