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Many thanks for attending one of the recent roadshows to co-create the new NHS Leadership Compact. We had hundreds of people engage with us face to face and via lots of virtual methods. The message was very clear that this had to be simple and to the point, saying what we want to see and what we don’t in terms of leadership behaviour. 

What you see here is the result of all your feedback. Whilst the  format is not finalised, it is envisaged that it will be a single page with click-through elements to the behavioural indicators that sit underneath. 

The words have been refined many times including with subject matter experts, but we want to make sure the message is really engaging so please help us do this. 

Please leave your comments below. The ‘How to Guide’ is not yet completed so any further ideas for what would be helpful to include here would be very helpful.

Our NHS Way Leadership Compact – DRAFT

Leadership: Our NHS Way How to guide

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