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NHS Leader recognised in Top 50 influential black and ethnic minority (BAME) list

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Tracie Jolliff, Head of Inclusion and Systems at The NHS Leadership Academy has been recognised in a list of the top 50 most influential BAME leaders within the public sector.

The list was put together by youth employment charity – Elevation Networks – with the aim of attracting employees from a diverse range of backgrounds in the Civil Service and other public sector organisations. The list showcases BAME talent at all levels including leaders, directors, managers, doctors, clinicians, nurses, academics, diversity champions, patient advocates and trade unionists who are making a difference.

Tracie said: “I am thrilled to be recognised as an influential leader and to be given a platform to engage a wider audience about the great work that we doing here at the Academy’.

“It’s critically important that the workforce both in the NHS and across the public sector is representative of the communities it serves. Nurturing talent across a diverse range of backgrounds is a must, and should be supported. There is a need to look again at how we accelerate the pace of creating the inclusive cultures in which diversity is represented at all levels and where everyone can thrive in the workplace.

“There is no doubt that effecting inclusive practices and behaviours across the NHS workforce will drive up the quality of care for patients.”

Barbara Kasumu, co-founder of Elevation Networks, said: “We put a lot of time and thought into creating this list – it was important to us that people were included both for their contribution to their chosen field and for creating opportunities for others.  Tracie’s hard work is an inspiration not only to others in the Public Sector but also to the BAME community.”

The Academy is pioneering new work with regards to the thinking and practice of leadership for inclusion. This work takes many different forms but is essentially about significantly raising the aspirations for inclusion, and accelerating the pace of change.

Tracie added: “We’re working with international experts to ensure that increasing and sustainable levels of inclusion result from fresh approaches to leadership, its underlining principles and practice. Our work will support the values and wider ambitions of the public sector for greater innovation and financial sustainability, in order to improve the lives and experiences of our diverse citizens.”

Tracie joined the NHS Leadership Academy in 2015 but had previously worked with the organisation as a faculty partner, advisor and specialist. She has 18 years of experience working within the public sector as well as being a developer and consultant in both the private and public sector. Tracie is an experienced executive coach and has spoken and lectured on leadership and inclusion nationally, working with government representatives and other bodies to address inequality in its many forms.

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