Clinical Executive Fast Track Scheme

We already know that clinicians make excellent leaders. Now, at a time of unprecedented challenge and opportunity, we need more system and organisation leaders who are collaborative, compassionate, inclusive and from a clinical background. They will drive forward the transformation and change to help narrow the gap between current NHS resources and the demands on the service.

The Clinical Executive Fast Track Scheme is a multi-professional 36-month talent scheme – which includes a 12-month leadership development programme – designed to engage and harness the talent of clinicians as leaders of the health and care systems of tomorrow.

Participants will be guided and supported to reach executive system leadership roles and work beyond personal and organisational hierarchies to lead integrated and inclusive systems with compassion and humility. By developing and harnessing the skills required to make lasting and highly effective connections, relationships and partnerships, participants will maximise their potential to lead cross-system services for local communities fit for the NHS of the future.

The talent scheme provides bespoke talent management support to individuals over 36 months including: access to coaching/mentoring and in-place support, uni-professional training and development, stretch opportunities, secondments, in-organisation development, mentoring and sponsorship by senior health and care colleagues involved in the establishment of the scheme. Participants will also receive direct career transition support from NHS Executive Search.


  • The scheme will ensure the best performing clinicians are supported to reach the very top of the health and care landscape over a short period, gaining experience to work more effectively and collaboratively across local systems.
  • Participants will make immediate, inclusive and positive changes to their healthcare organisation to provide better services, increase patient outcomes and experiences, improve staff engagement and morale, while leading a culture of patient-centred, compassionate care.
  • As well as the support to build relationships and work more collaboratively, the scheme will increase personal resilience, influence and capabilities to prepare participants for the challenges and demands of an executive director/equivalent, enabling them to work with both confidence and humility across the health and care system, to influence local and national policies.
  • The scheme will help participants build powerful, system-wide support networks of like-minded, inclusive and influential leaders from across the system, to collaborate with and solve difficult problems to transform health and care.
  • Ready to rapidly assume executive level responsibilities, with all the associated governance and accountabilities of those roles.