The Chief Executive Development Network is designed to be personalised, flexible and accessible. It offers the following core elements:

  • Quarterly 2-day development days per annum including overnight stay and all meals
  • A dedicated Development Consultant who will contact you four times a year to induct you onto the network and then help define your personal learning agenda and achieve against it.
  • 24/7 access to a virtual campus to access a secure and informal learning platform including discussions with your peers and our leadership development learning practitioners who are designing and delivering this offer.

What we’ll cover

  • Developing technical skills and knowledge: What you need to know and do from a technical perspective in your role
  • Improving interpersonal skills and relationships: Developing effective working relationships with key stakeholders, having difficult conversations and exploring emotional intelligence
  • Increasing self-awareness and change habits, behaviours, values and beliefs
  • Growing from surviving to thriving: Increasing resilience, developing support networks and learning how to use personal brand to mitigate against risks
  • Organisational development and system leadership: Support with the challenges of organisational and system transformation and shaping the local environment and national policy
  • Self-Directed Learning: How to manage and take control of your own learning to get the best out of this service