How it works

Personalised, flexible and accessible, the service offers the following core elements tailored to your needs:


  • An account manager to help you to personalise the offer and get your needs met, including a site visit where appropriate


  • An induction day to welcome you onto the service and ensure you get the full benefit from day one


  • Up to seven days of face-to-face executive education and support per year (come to as many or as few of these as you prefer)


  • 24/7 access to a secure, informal learning platform


  • Critical content from partners, other providers and subject matter experts


  • Support you to take control of your learning via the Self-Directed Learning model


  • Access to a community of peers and expert practitioners to collaborate, exchange information and best practice


  • Support to develop your own leadership strategy

What we'll cover

  • Self-Directed Learning: How to manage and take control of your own learning to get the best out of this service


  • Developing technical skills and knowledge: What you need to know and do from a technical perspective in your role


  • Improving interpersonal skills and relationships: Developing effective working relationships with key stakeholders, having difficult conversations and exploring emotional intelligence


  • Increasing self-awareness and change habits, behaviours, values and beliefs


  • Growing from surviving to thriving: Increasing resilience, developing support networks and learning how to use personal brand to mitigate against risks


  • Organisational development and system leadership: Support with the challenges of organisational and system transformation and shaping the local environment and national policy




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