Key information

What is the cost of the programme?

The cost of the Chief Executive Development Network is £5,000 per year of membership.

Key Dates

The two-day development days are confirmed for:

  • 4 and 5 October 2018 in Leeds
  • 17 and 18 January 2019 in Leeds
  • 15 and 16 May 2019 in London
  • 31 October and 1 November 2019 in London

If you want to find out further information and are interested in joining the network please email us at

Faculty members

Louisa Hardman

Louisa is passionate about developing creative and engaging interventions that deliver improved individual and organisational performance. Blending organisational realism with creativity and psychological insight, her clients span a range of sectors including higher education, health, central and local government, broadcasting, publishing, professional services, transport, social housing, retail, distribution, finance, membership organisations, trades unions and the police. She has experience of supporting public sector leadership development through change and has special interests in:

  • Executive and top team coaching to improve organisational performance through fostering leadership direction, capability, resilience and creativity.
  • Supporting whole organisation culture change and development through leadership and management development and facilitated conversations.

Louisa brings a deep understanding of individual, group and organisational change and development through her combination of psychotherapeutic and organisational consulting practice. Clients also say they value her integrity, thoughtfulness, humour and challenge.

Carl Smith

Carl is a consultant with Frontline Consultants Ltd. Through an in-depth understanding of human behaviour at work, he has a track record of transformational change in global business, and large scale public sector organisations. From a background in education, his work combines a true developmental approach with a strong business focus. He is extensively involved in leadership development at all levels of organisations with a particular interest in Top Team effectiveness.

Carl is also extensively involved in developing and delivering programmes around the strategic development of leadership potential. Talent management and succession remain a key focus, with extensive use of psychometric tools to support individuals on their leadership journey. To this end, he works as an executive coach in both the private and public sector. Work in the NHS has been extensive with involvement in multiple agencies supporting the development of diverse projects relating to people, policy and practice.

Philippa Williams

Philippa Williams is a Director and co-founder of Practive Ltd, a consultancy specialising in the practice of leadership

For the past twenty, Philippa has been developing her practice in personal and leadership development, working in many different organizations at all levels, across the public and private sectors. She has designed and facilitated many different type of interventions, including leadership and management development centres, large group interventions, team building sessions, Executive Team and Board development, action learning sets, training courses, forum theatre and one-to-one coaching. She also writes case studies for development centres and scripts for conferences.

Her expertise lies in creating the conditions and environment for her clients to practise and develop the leadership mindsets, strategies and behaviours they need for their evolving context. In her one-to-one coaching she specialises in helping people to develop how they communicate with others, to understand the impact they have, to build on their strengths and explore ways to extend their range in all situations.

Vicki Abson

Vicki is an experienced leadership and organisation development specialist with a successful track record over 25 years; developing senior leaders and clinical leaders in the NHS, and executives and senior teams in corporate organisations.

She runs her own consultancy & coaching business and prior to this was Director of Organisation Development in Rolls-Royce for 5 years. She has previously held senior leadership OD/HR roles in Siemens, the NHS, Hospitality industry and Local Government. Her early career was as a Psychologist in Universities. She has also served as a non-executive board member for the Tyne & Wear Learning & Skills Council.

Vicki draws on her diverse background, varied experience in large complex organisations, and breadth of professional training & education to create stimulating and innovative leadership development programmes.

She is a Chartered Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society; a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and she holds an MBA degree. She is an accredited coach supervisor with the Association for Professional Executive Coaching & Supervision (APECS), and is also on the NHS Leadership Academy’s register of approved executive coaches.

Vicki is passionate about developing leaders to ‘be the best they can be’. She believes their approach sets the tone and climate of the organisation and how they engage with staff enables them in turn to give of their best. This ultimately in the NHS, impacts on the quality of care patients and their families experience.

Judy Taylor

In addition to being an NHS Leadership Academy faculty member, Judy is the lead faculty for leadership development at the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland where she is developing a new suite of medical leadership programmes.  She is also a Senior Lecturer at Birmingham University and a Cohort Director on the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Programme, whilst running an independent consultancy business which delivers development interventions across the health and social care sector.

Judy was previously a Senior Consultant in Leadership Development at the King’s Fund, designing and delivering leadership and organisational development programmes nationally and internationally, and working with a wide variety of board members, senior managers and clinical leaders.  She directed the King’s Fund’s open programmes for Clinical Directors, Consultants, mixed clinicians and executive women for 12 years and ran numerous whole system engagement events and networks. She has provided thought leadership via conferences and articles and offered team development interventions and executive coaching.

a background in policy and management in the NHS, Social Services and voluntary sector, and a Master’s degree in Public Policy, Judy is also undertaking a doctorate in Existential Psychotherapy. Judy’s approach to development emphasizes participant centred, self-managed, experiential learning, with a passion for the NHS and people who work in it!

Mike Chitty

From January 2015 to March 2018 Mike was Head of Applied Leadership for the NHS Leadership Academy in Leeds.  He set up the Chief Executive Network, led on Board Development Work for the Academy and worked with many boards and executive teams for a wide range of NHS Trusts, and other organisations providing NHS funded services.  He was also responsible for Organisational Development and Coaching and Mentoring at the Academy.  Mike has been working on issues of strategy, leadership, innovation and enterprise in the public private and third sector for 30 years.

Mike is an educator who primarily uses self-directed learning approaches to help people take control of their own learning in order to shape what they become. Mike is also working on integrated care systems and developing systems leadership.

Most likely to say…

  • “we are all becoming something…. if what we are becoming is more exhausted, cynical and fearful then it’s time to change”
  • “that is an interesting belief”
  • “this isn’t true, but it might be helpful”

“my job is to provoke you, to unsettle you.  You can settle down just as you were.  Or you can choose to settle down differently, it’s up to you”