Who is the programme for?

Whether you’re working in people’s homes, nursing homes, out in the community, or on the wards, the Frontline nursing and midwifery programme is for all nurses and midwives working in organisations providing NHS funded care. You’ll also be keen to take part in a development programme that allows you to be the nurse or midwife you want to be – and help your colleagues do the same.

Programme overview

Over the course of six months you will:

  • build your confidence and capability to have even greater influence on care
  • learn to recognise what you do well and find out what you can do better
  • develop new skills and put them into practice
  • take the opportunity to think about how your behaviour impacts on those around you, including patients, colleagues and care teams

“As a result of Frontline I’m more confident in dealing with staff and in making sure that they deliver the quality of care that I want. I’m more likely to challenge bad practice and want to achieve even more for patients than before. I would recommend it to others. In fact I have already suggested that a couple of my colleagues to do it and they are likely to be in the next cohort.”

Mariano Ponte

Ward manager, Doncaster Royal Infirmary

What should I expect?

  • A short amount of pre-induction preparation in your own time
  • A half-day induction, face to face in your learning group, in your region
  • Two 2-day workshops in your learning group, in your region
    Please note that for the workshops, accommodation is only provided for cohorts outside of London
  • Five online modules
  • A continuing journey that allows you to bring your colleagues on board… pass it on

Our final cohorts

Sorry, no cohorts are available at this time.