Who’s it for?


The Director programme is for you if you:

  • Have operated at an executive director level for two years or more
  • Are a senior executive leader seeking further role development and support
  • Have an existing level of complex leadership skills
  • Need to be stretched, challenged and are open to thinking very differently about your leadership role.

More information:

If you’re from a provider organisation

You’ll need to have:

  • At least two years’ experience at board level, or equivalent experience
  • A current role as an executive director role.

If you’re from a Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

We recognise that you’re likely to be part of a variable and complex structure. We recommend that you have a conversation with Linda Wallace, in our programme team or your local delivery partner to determine your eligibility for the programme.

You’ll also need to have:

  • At least two years’ experience at board level or equivalent
  • An accountable officer role, e.g. chief clinical officer, chief operating officer, chief financial officer, accountable officer and chief nurse.

If you’re from a Clinical Support Unit (CSU)

You’ll need to have:

  • Two years’ experience working at director level
  • A current role at board level as a managing director or managing director direct report.

If you’re from a national NHS organisation

Including NHS Blood and Transplant, NHS Business Services Authority, NHS Litigation Authority, NHS Property Service and NHS Trust Development Authority, you’ll need to have two years’ experience working at executive Director level.

If you’re from NHS England

You’ll need to be in one of the following roles and contact Linda Wallace for details of the national process you’ll need to follow to apply.

  • Director general
  • Centre director
  • Regional director
  • Area team director

The Director programme also welcomes the following colleagues

  • Health Education England: Members of the executive management team or LETB managing directors
  • Department of Health – national directors
  • Arms-length bodies – chief executives and executive directors
  • Colleagues from public health and local authorities.

If you work for a national organisation providing NHS-funded care such as Monitor or CQC, please contact Linda Wallace to discuss your eligibility for the programme.

If you’re not eligible:

If you’re not eligible for the Director programme, the NHS Leadership Academy runs a range of alternative programmes for colleagues at every level. If you’re aspiring to or are new (less than two years) to a Director level position, we’d recommend you look at our Nye Bevan programme.

Alternatively, if you want to talk about your development needs with our programme director Nicholas Bradbury, please contact Linda Wallace in the programme team. You can contact Linda on 0113 3225654 or drop her an email at [email protected]