Key dates and locations for the programme

The programme runs over five months and includes four cohorts of 40 participants. There will be two cohorts in Leeds and two in London; each with two modules. Participants will benefit from a mix blend of learning, including face-to-face, self-directed and workplace-based.


  • Band 5/6 cohorts attend two residential workshops, each lasting two days


  • Band 7 cohorts attend two workshops – the first will last three days and the second will last two days


The four cohorts and their two modules will run as follows:


Cohort Number Bands Module 1 Module 2 Location
3.1 7 or equivalent 7, 8 and 9 March 15 and 16 June Leeds
3.2 7 or equivalent 2, 3 and 4 May 19 and 20 July London
3.3 5 and 6 or equivalent 22 and 23 June 5 and 6 October London
3.4 5 and 6 or equivalent 25 and 26 July 12 and 13 October Leeds


Recruitment is now closed. Local Leadership Academies are responsible for the recruitment and selection process.




The Stepping Up programme is fully funded by the Academy, including accommodation. The cost of travelling is the responsibility of each participant’s organisation.


Withdrawal before full completion means the organisation is liable to bear the full cost of £2,200.

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