#ReOTD Twitter chat: Helping others with their leadership development

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Introduction Text:
Join #ReOTD tweeters this Wednesday, 19th November at 7pm to discuss how we can help others with their leadership development.

1) What are the benefits of helping others with leadership development

2) What are the challenges

3) Can helping others development help ourselves?


How to use #ReOTD


1) Got a reflection? Tweet it using the hashtag any time. It’s an opportunity to see if it resonates with others. People may share your thoughts by re-tweeting or may ask you questions to help you reflect further.

2) Interested in what others are reflecting on? Search the #ReOTD hashtag on twitter and see what comes up. You can comment on reflections, and ponder the reflections of others.

3) The spirit is an environment to learn, reflect and test out ideas. You are encouraged to develop further, and try to strike the right balance between collaboration and challenge to get there. Respect diverse views and see them as opportunities to challenge your own preconceptions and biases.

4) #ReOTD host tweet chats on aspects of leadership important to healthcare once every two weeks on Wednesday evenings from 7pm-8pm. These are events to engage in discussion with others on specific issues, and an opportunity to reflect with others in real time.

5) Transcripts of the chats are published to enable reflection at leisure at a later date. #ReOTD also endeavour to use Storify to share later reflections on the tweet chat with others.

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