Holding to account

Introduction Text:
What is it?

Agreeing clear performance goals and quality indicators; supporting individuals and teams to take responsibility for results; providing balanced feedback.

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Why is it important?

Leaders create clarity about their expectations and what success looks like in order to focus people’s energy, give them the freedom to self-manage within the demands of their job, and deliver improving standards of care and service delivery.

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What is it not?
  • Setting unclear targets
  • Tolerating mediocrity
  • Making erratic and changeable demands
  • Giving unbalanced feedback (too much praise or too little)
  • Making excuses for poor or variable performance
  • Reluctance to change


Setting clear expectations

Do I take personal responsibility for my own performance?
Do I specify and prioritise what is expected of individuals and the team?
Do I make tasks meaningful and link them to organisational goals?
Do I make sure individual and team goals are SMART*?

*SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timed


Managing and supporting performance

Do I challenge ways of thinking and encourage people to use data to support their business planning and decision making?
Do I set clear standards for behaviour as well as for achieving tasks?
Do I give balanced feedback and support to improve performance?
Do I act quickly to manage poor performance?


Challenging for continuous improvement

Do I constantly look out for opportunities to celebrate and reward high standards?
Do I actively link feedback to the overall vision for success?
Do I notice and challenge mediocrity, encouraging people to stop drifting and stretch themselves for the best results they can attain?


Creating a mindset for innovative change

Do I encourage a climate of high expectations in which everyone looks for ways for service delivery to be even better?
Do I share stories and symbols of success that create pride in achievement?
Do I champion a mindset of high ambition for individuals, the team and the organisation?