360 degree feedback facilitators

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Research into 360° feedback has shown that the provision of quality feedback via a coach or facilitated session plays a crucial role in encouraging managers to accept the results and initiate behavioural change.* Our register of accredited feedback facilitators provide a key role in helping users interpret their reports during a dedicated feedback session.

Would you like to become a facilitator?

Various training packages for facilitators associated with the new Healthcare Leadership Model 360 degree feedback tool are now available.  Please see below for further information on the different options available.


New facilitators and ‘train the trainer’ courses

New facilitators should have some experience in holding coaching-style conversations, and should have an interest in assisting their colleagues to develop.

Training for new facilitators consists of completing your own 360 degree feedback process, an online learning package as well as a 1-day face-to-face training course.  The 360 degree feedback process and online training package will need to be completed as pre-work before attending the training day.

Training is available via arranged dedicated courses for specific organisations or regions, or via ‘open courses’ which run on a first come-first served basis.  If you are interested in accessing training in your organisation or region, please contact your regional Local Leadership Academy to see what is available and what the cost will be.

If you are interested in accessing an open course, please contact the Support desk on [email protected] or 0124 228 2979. Open courses are available at £495 (+VAT) per person.

Also available is ‘train the trainer’ training, which will allow individuals to train others to become facilitators.  This training is open to current NHS staff only.  To access this training, you will need to become a facilitator, complete at least 2 feedback sessions, and then attend a dedicated 1 day face-to-face training course which will focus on training and assessing others.  If you are interested in this training, please contact your regional Local Leadership Academy to see whether they have already arranged for a session in your area & what the cost will be. Alternatively, training can be booked directly for £495 per person (+VAT) via the support desk on [email protected] or 0124 228 2979.

Should you have any questions or like any further information, you can also contact the Healthcare Leadership Model team at [email protected].


Current Healthcare Leadership Model 360 degree feedback tool facilitators

If you’ve already passed your training (either online or in person), have an account with https://profile.leadershipacademy.nhs.uk/ and have been in touch with the Support Desk to confirm your details, you should be able to access the Appraisal Hub directly by going to: https://modelappraisalhub.leadershipacademy.nhs.uk

You can access detailed User Guides, download sample reports, and download reflection log and evaluation form templates from the Appraisal Hub Support page. We recommend that you complete your facilitator profile to help users know about you. Access the Appraisal Hub to complete yours. A sample profile is available from the support page.

Please remember that you will need to complete at least 2 sessions a year to remain accredited.

Have any questions? Please check the Frequently Asked Questions page for further information, or contact the Support Desk on [email protected] or 01242 282979.

*Seifert, Yukl, & McDonald, 2003; quoted in Anseel & Lievens, Journal of Occupational & Organisational Psychology, 2006