Development resources for teams and organisations

Introduction Text:
We are working to develop a range of resources to help teams and organisations integrate the Healthcare Leadership Model into their work and processes. This could include wider processes such as recruitment and appraisals, or through smaller projects or team exercises.

In the meantime, below are some of the resources currently available to help wider teams and organisations think about, assess, and develop their leadership knowledge and behaviours.

We will be expanding and updating this list as further resources are developed, so please check back frequently for further updates.


360 Degree Feedback tool

360 Degree Feedback tool is a powerful process to help individuals identify where their leadership strengths and development needs lie, regardless of job role.

If you would like to use the 360 Degree Feedback tool in your programme, team or organisation, why not make use of the “batch” feature available? This allows a central contact to mange the process across multiple users, helping you to track progress and avoid the need for users to individually pay for their places. Click here for more information.


360 degree feedback Group reports

The Healthcare Leadership Model 360 degree feedback tool offers an option for receiving a Group report, which compiles the 360 degree feedback ratings of a particular group of individuals.  The group report gives an indication of current performance and provides a platform from which an accurate picture of strengths and development areas across the group can be built.

Feedback can then be given in a group session by an accredited feedback facilitator, to help your team explore the results and think about your development as a group. Listen to colleagues at Hertfordshire talk about their experiences of using the group report here.


Board Development

The Healthy NHS Board – The strong relationship between leadership capability and performance is well demonstrated in the evidence. The Healthy NHS Board 2013 will serve as a cornerstone for your board development.


Guidance for using the Healthcare Leadership Model within talent conversations

We have developed guidance on how the Healthcare Leadership Model can play a part in talent management and maximising potential conversations.  Please click here for further information and access to the PDF guidance documents.


Organisational development

Working in partnership with our ten local delivery partners we aim to support and develop OD capability and resource across the healthcare in the UK by supporting the development of OD programmes, networks, resources and opportunities to share learning.

Development programmes

With a programme for each level of leadership responsibility, we provide targeted development for all backgrounds and experiences. We turn to global experts for the incredible content and we turn to you for the ambition, compassion and drive to continue improving our healthcare system for the benefit of those that matter the most – our patients.