Healthcare Leadership Model App

A new digital tool for leadership learning

The Healthcare Leadership Model App allows you to record observations about the leadership behaviours that you see around you, helping you explore those behaviours using the dimensions of the Healthcare Leadership Model.

You can add in your own reflections, save and revisit your entries, set goals and reminders and download a summary PDF report for your programme or portfolio. The app can also be used for recording and reflecting on your own leadership behaviours.

It’s an ideal tool for students of leadership at any level; particularly valuable for those in undergraduate education, postgraduate training, and for participants on leadership development programmes. The observations and reflections recorded within the app can be used and reused to support course or job applications, career conversations, and revalidation in addition to helping you raise your awareness of great leadership practice day to day.

The Healthcare Leadership Model App is open access and web-based – optimized for mobile devices but also accessible from your desktop.

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Individual benefits

  • Free resource open to all health and care staff to use to explore leadership in real time
  • Raises your awareness of what great leadership looks and feels like
  • Use ‘on the go’ via smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Set goals and reminders to keep yourself on track
  • Downloadable PDF functionality allows you to re-use reflections and observations for other documents such as job or course applications, talent management or career conversations, revalidation, and professional portfolios
  • Observations and reflections are guided using the nine behavioural dimensions of the Healthcare Leadership Model
  • Stays with you throughout your leadership journey and career

Organisational benefits

  • Raises capacity and capability of great leadership practice by health and care staff, and students about to enter the health and care workforce, across all levels.
  • Suitable for all staff to use across the organisation whether in a formal leadership role or not.
  • Supports staff throughout their leadership journey, underpinned by the well-researched and widely used Healthcare Leadership Model.
  • The language of the Healthcare Leadership Model is familiar to many health and care leaders and complements the structure of the NHS Leadership Academy’s programmes.
  • Encourages colleagues to practice and reflect on leadership consistently.
  • Useful for a variety of required organisation documents such as personal development plans, talent management conversations, revalidation, course applications, and portfolios.
  • Digital based and free to use.


Who is the HLM Observations App for?

This app is for all health and care colleagues and students to use, at any level. You can use it as often as you like to explore your lived experience of leadership in a structured way. In using the nine behavioural dimensions of the Healthcare Leadership Model, the learning you uncover through the app is relevant to all stages of your health and care career. It is not based on role-specific competencies, a certain level of workplace experience, nor a requirement to hold a formally recognised leadership role.

The app is designed to be used throughout your leadership journey and as such there is no completion or end-goal set by the app itself – it’s up to you to continue using it for as long as is relevant for you.

The HLM Observations App is for you if you’re:

  • Interested in what leadership looks and feels like
  • Looking to improve your awareness of leadership behaviour
  • From any clinical or non-clinical background
  • Aspiring to a leadership role
  • A newly-qualified clinician
  • A healthcare professional student or trainee
  • New to/returning to the health and care sector


Features of the App

Users log in to the app via a secure portal and see their dashboard, which is an overview of their activity within the app. From the dashboard, users can then navigate to other pages to record observations and reflections, create a downloadable PDF of their input, set goals and reminders for themselves and read more about the Healthcare Leadership Model to guide their journaling.

  • Observations

Accessed via ‘New Observation’ on the dashboard, the user is invited to record information about the leadership behaviour they witnessed either in themselves or someone else. The structured form asks for:

  • The date, time, what happened, and how you felt about the experience.
  • The dimension of the Healthcare Leadership Model which fits this observation (listed for you to choose from) .
  • How strongly the leadership behaviour was displayed, chosen from a list of descriptors.

The user can then save this as a draft to reflect on later or move straight on to create a reflection on the experience.


This page is accessed at the end of the ‘New Observation’ page, or through the ‘Observation Log’ menu at the top of your dashboard. You will see Observations requiring reflection marked with ‘Continue’. Once you have chosen to ‘Continue’, you will see the draft of your Observation again as a reminder. Click ‘continue and reflect’ at the bottom of this page to go through to a form with four questions used to guide your reflection on the experience.

The questions asked to guide your reflection include what you learned from the observation you made, and how you might behave differently in the future as a result.


Reports are generated from the ‘Observation log’ menu. Before the PDF download is generated you will be asked to check that what you have written is for your own personal development, does not personally identify others by name and uses appropriate language. This function is incredibly useful for re-purposing your observations and reflections in other contexts such as:

  • Revalidation
  • Job applications and interviews
  • Course applications and interviews
  • Professional portfolios
  • Career or Talent Management conversations
  • Personal Development Plan and appraisal conversations

Other features

  • Guidance: an overview of the Healthcare Leadership Model and its nine behavioural dimensions. Find this on the main menu.
  • Goals: set and edit your own from your dashboard
  • Streaks: see your daily progress at a glance from your dashboard to build up ‘streaks’ of consistent activity
  • Reminders: set reminders to go back and record reflections for your observations at a time to suit you. Find this at the bottom of the Observation draft page.

Key info


The app is free of charge, and you will be asked to create an account to ensure your information is secure.


The app is digital-only, and you can use it on your smartphone, tablet or computer at your own time and pace.

Although you won’t find the HLM App in your phone’s App store, you can save the app to your smartphone home screen to make it easy to find.

You will need an email address to create an account, but this does not need to be an NHS email address.

Have any questions?  Comments?  Please contact the team at [email protected] – we’d love to hear from you.