Healthcare Leadership Model library

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Please see the links below for various documents available to download.

Healthcare Leadership Model

Healthcare Leadership Model, v 1.0 (colour)

Healthcare Leadership Model, v 1.0 (b+w)

Towards a new model of leadership

The literature review published as part of the research that developed the Healthcare Leadership Model.

How the Healthcare Leadership Model has been developed

Towards a New Model of Leadership 2013

Comparison resources

Comparison resources are available to assist you with understanding how the Healthcare Leadership Model relates to other leadership resources.  This also includes an Excel template to assist you with undertaking your own mapping excercises.


User Guides

Detailed user guides and further guidance are available to help get you started on the Healthcare Leadership Model self assessment tool and 30 degree feedback tool. Download them from the Appraisal Hub Support page.


Sample reports

A variety of sample reports are available to help you. See what a self assessment 360 degree feedback tool and group 360 report might look like. Download them from the Appraisal Hub Support page.