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Introduction Text:
Board level positions are the hardest to fill due to the complexity of executive roles in the NHS – and the depth of specific expertise and experience required. However, if your organisation approaches commercial executive search firms to help find the best candidates, you’re missing out on a more cost-effective route. Going direct to source via our Executive search offering.

Start using us as your first port of call

The majority of our high calibre appointments tend to be filled by candidates already working within the NHS. So why look elsewhere? Despite this, our organisations spend around £10M every year on external talent searchers to fill board level positions. The irony is that, in most cases, the firms are asking others in the NHS to name eligible candidates.

NHS Executive search is here to provide you with a viable alternative to external commercial search firms.

How it works

NHS Executive search offers you:

  • Detailed, high-quality support and insight through the selection and appointment process
  • Objective and independent challenge and scrutiny throughout the process
  • High levels of professionalism and discretion
  • Aims, values and behaviours entirely consistent with those of the organisations and candidates – our NHS colleagues – that we support

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