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Senior leaders urged to book their place on the NHS Leadership Academy Director Programme before Sunday 15 May

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A leadership programme with a track record of developing senior leaders is now looking to help directors across healthcare who are seeking further support.   

The Director programme – run by the NHS Leadership Academy – is open to leaders across healthcare, from Hospital Trust organisations to Clinical Commissioning Groups. Participants are being given the opportunity to apply for their place before the closing date in a few weeks’ time.

The year-long programme gives participants the chance to adapt, enhance and broaden their leadership style and behaviours and work in partnership with other leaders and parts of the system. Learning includes face to face group work, online and executive coaching, along with access to a range of leadership tools.

Nicholas Bradbury, programme director said: “Leadership at all levels is so critical to the quality of care received by patients, carers and their families. We need to make sure we’re giving the right support and challenge NHS Directors so that they grow. This programme develops leaders by looking at who they are as human beings and who they want to be.

“We want to respect and value each participant’s strengths and unique gifts while helping them to understand their blind spots. This enables them to work creatively and constructively with in ways they had never imagined possible.”

One participant commented, “The Director programme has given me a greater sense of myself, a real understanding about what’s effective for me as a leader and what makes an impact on the teams that I work with but also the patients we serve as well.”

The programme was previously known as the Top Leaders programme. Closing date for applications is on Sunday 15 May 2016 and it begins in June.

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