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Senior nurses and midwives start innovative leadership course

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The first course to help senior nurses and midwives become even better leaders and deliver excellent patient care started last week (on Monday, 11 March 2013).

Developed and delivered by the NHS Leadership Academy, the course brings together 40 senior frontline nurse and midwives for intensive work over four days, with five follow up days over the next few months. Each day is designed to help them see themselves and their work with new eyes, hear patient needs with new ears and then turn what they notice and learn into practical skills. Such enhanced leadership is important to improve the care their teams are delivering on wards, in the community and at surgeries around the country.

The course – called the Senior Operational Leaders Nursing and Midwifery Leadership Development Programme – is broadly based on the hugely successful NHS Top Leaders programme, but with a focus on areas current to nursing and midwifery leadership.

Following a rigorous design process involving nurse and midwifery leadership from across the country, this programme has been developed to help senior nurses and midwives address today’s leadership challenges and to transform the way the nurses and midwives approach their work.

The two courses that make up the programme (for frontline leaders and senior operational leaders) will help transform the way nurses and midwives approach their work, just as previous participants on the Top Leaders course have found their working lives revolutionised.

In October 2012, the government pledged £46m toward leadership development in the NHS as part of the biggest drive to create a new generation of leadership in the NHS. This new drive includes the development of at least 5,000 nurses and midwives over the next three years. The programme is open to both NHS staff and non-NHS staff engaged in (NHS funded) health and social care. The plan is for around 1,200 people to access the course by March 2014.

The programme aims to help the nurses and midwives become more powerful strategic leaders too, with a stronger voice and more impact across the entire health and social care system

Jan Sobieraj, Managing Director of the NHS Leadership Academy, said: “These courses will empower our senior nursing and midwifery staff to continue to, and provide, even better, compassionate care to patients around the country.

“We will help the staff create a culture in their workplaces that our frontline nurses and midwives need – to help those who care for others feel cared for themselves – and as a result, improve patient care.”

Dr Nicholas Bradbury, the Leadership Academy’s nursing and midwifery programme lead, added: “Our nursing and midwife communities are at the very front line of care in the NHS.

“While rewarding, these roles are also extremely challenging. They take enormous amounts of emotional, spiritual and physical energy; something not always appreciated.”

Cathy Warwick, Chief Executive of the Royal College of Midwives, said: “This is a valuable opportunity  that will help our midwife leaders and their teams to deliver better care to women and their babies.

“It will also enable them to have a more powerful voice at senior levels to advocate for the people they care for.”

Although these courses are currently for nursing and midwives specifically, from September, the NHS Leadership Academy will be running a multi-disciplinary foundation, mid and senior level leadership core programmes.

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  • Hi

    Please can you tell me when you are running these courses?and how I apply ?
    Thanks Dawn

    dawn gaiger
  • I would suggest that anyone who wishes to undertake a programme that promotes the individual to search out the best in themselves, and that of their peers should considers applying. My own personal view following the initial 3 days was one that made me proud to be part of the NHS. It re-stimulated my motivation and is something I would recommend wholeheartedly. I have met peers from a variety of backgrounds and facilitators who I truly believe are passionate about improving the NHS and I am looking forward to working with them due to their great energy and enthusiasm. A much needed tonic for myself.

    Ian Moore
  • Glad to hear that there’s programme like this. Im will start getting nursing course. It will be helping for me to join courses like this in the future.

  • Very interesting and informative. Very good resource for personal development . Nearly completing Edward Jenner programme. Have applied for the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson programme and waiting for the outcome .


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