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Succession planning

Succession planning is becoming increasing critical for all NHS organisations. It is the process of identifying and developing potential future leaders or senior managers, as well as individuals who could fill other business-critical positions, either in the short or the long term. The aim is for organisations to have greater visibility of individuals who are interested in filling key and/or new roles effectively.

View the resources and templates below for more information.

Succession planning – Guidance

This guidance provides an overview of succession planning, the different approaches that can be taken, key considerations for those who are involved and a quick guide to implementation.

Succession planning – Critical Role Assessment Template

This template can be used to assess the criticality of different roles within a team based on criteria that are relevant to your organisation so that succession planning activities can be appropriately prioritised.

Succession planning – Team Summary Template

This template can be used to summarise the performance, potential, aspirations, readiness and development/support requirements at a team level. It can support preparation for succession discussions across teams and/or services.

Succession planning – Template

This template can be used to capture succession planning discussions for different teams, along with any identified risks and/or mitigating actions. It can be used to look at succession pipelines for temporary or substantive and new or existing roles.