Our two year story


We have now celebrated our second anniversary and to mark the occasion we have created a short video of our progress to date.

The passion and welcome we have felt from the healthcare system has been vital to our success so far and now over 26,000 healthcare staff have joined us on their own leadership development journeys.

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Are you a senior executive leader seeking further role development and support? For leaders with an existing level of complex
leadership skills, the Top Leaders programme is designed for people who want to be challenged and are open to new
ways of working and thinking.

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Because you care – the NHS Leadership Academy is looking to support frontline nurses and midwives and help you do the job that you love, even better and have a greater influence on the way care is delivered. The programme will help you reflect on your strengths, your role and your ability to do what you came in to the profession to do – make a difference to people’s lives. Apply today.

Eden Charles Faculty member 2013

As part of the Academy’s two year story, we have asked a range of people from across health and social care to share their own stories and experiences of what leadership means to them.