You are on a leadership journey. And that means your development will be consistent nationally – at individual or organisational level – and locally with the invaluable support of our local leadership academies. Either way, we offer many resources to help.

Resources for individuals

We have programmes which are aimed at different parts of the health and social care system and which take into account current issues, while pre-empting new developments. We also work with you through our regional partnerships. You’ll be equally supported in the challenges you face, regardless of which path you take

Resources for organisations

At an organisational level we are able to confidentially support Foundation Trusts and aspirant Foundation Trusts, particularly in meeting their QIPP challenges. We work with Clinical Commissioning Groups, Health and Wellbeing Boards. We also work closely with colleagues in social care to develop a shared leadership approach throughout the system.

Our ten local leadership academies connect the national Academy to you locally