The NHS Leadership Academy is part of Health Education England and provides targeted development for all backgrounds and experiences. We turn to global experts for the incredible content and we turn to you for the ambition, compassion and drive to continue improving our healthcare system for the benefit of those that matter the most – our patients.

Edward Jenner Programme banner

Edward Jenner programme

  • First port of call if you’re looking to build a strong foundation of leadership skills
  • For both clinical and non-clinical staff
  • Leads to an NHS Leadership Academy award in Leadership Foundations.

Mary Seacole programme banner

Mary Seacole programme

  • For first time leaders in healthcare, or those aspiring to their first formal leadership role
  • Six months long with 100 hours of online study, plus three face-to-face behavioural workshops delivered locally
  • Leads to an NHS Leadership Academy Award in Healthcare Leadership

Rosalind Franklin programme

  • For mid-level clinical and non-clinical leaders aspiring to lead large and complex programmes, departments, services or systems of care
  • Nine months long with a minimum of 4-5 hours time commitment per week
  • Learning methods are online along with face-to-face workshops and self-managed learning sets


Elizabeth Garrett Anderson programme

  • For mid to senior-level leaders aspiring to take on a more senior role while, at the same time, looking to have a wider impact
  • 24-month standard full programme (18 -month programme for those eligible via APL)
  • Leads to an MSc in Healthcare Leadership and NHS Leadership Award


Nye Bevan programme

  • Designed to develop senior leaders looking to move into a board role
  • Accelerates individuals into executive roles, helping them perform better at board level, and help boards better meet challenges today and enable change for tomorrow
  • Leads to an NHS Leadership Academy Award in Executive Healthcare Leadership


Aspiring Chief Executive programme

  • For directors aspiring to lead at chief executive level in an NHS accountable role focused on both service provision and system development within the next 12-24 months


Chief Executive Development Network

  • Aimed at leaders at chief executive level in an NHS accountable role, focused on both service provision and system development.
  • Designed to support chief executives with their personal development and ensure they are the best they can be in these challenging roles, both for themselves and their organisations/systems.


Stepping Up programme

  • Leadership development programme for black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) colleagues working in bands 5 to 7 or equivalent
  • Between two to three months long and runs across four or five residential dates depending on banding


Ready Now programme

  • For senior black, Asian or minority ethnic (BAME) leaders working in the NHS or providing NHS funded services (in England) at band 8a, or clinical equivalent or above.


Ethical Mentoring programme

  • Aimed at prospective and accredited mentors who could give colleagues timely, relevant and impactful mentoring support during difficult times.
  • As a mentor, you’ll provide, relevant and impactful mentoring to empower them to a range of different problems.


Return to Work Mentoring - NHS Leadership Academy
Return to Work Mentoring

Return to Work Mentoring programme

  • Transitioning back into a complex and changeable system can be a difficult and lonely journey, which is why we’re offering NHS leaders at all levels an inclusive mentoring support package
  • There are two opportunities being offered on the programme:
    • Train as a Return to Work Mentor
    • Access the programme as a Return to Work Mentee


Coaching for Inclusion programme

  • Coaching is one of the most powerful leadership development interventions an organisation can deploy. We want to harness this power to make a meaningful difference to diversity and inclusion within the NHS by recruiting 300 committed and ambitious coaches to develop as a Coach who has specialised in inclusion.
  • Through this programme, as an inclusion coach, you will be trained to deploy powerful coaching interventions with participants on our positive action programmes.
Graduate Management Trainee Scheme (GMTS)

NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme

  • We identify, recruit and develop approximately 200 talented graduate trainees who bring bags of potential with them to become future leaders in the NHS.
  • The Scheme ranges from 24 to 30 months, depending on which leadership opportunity you pick.
  • Offering leadership opportunities in six areas:
    finance management
    general management
    health informatics management
    human resources management
    policy and strategy management
    health analysis management

HOPE European Exchange programme

  • This programme is a unique and exciting opportunity for individuals and organisations to understand the challenges of a health care system outside the UK.
  • With both personal and professional benefits gained.

Health and Care Leaders Scheme (HCLS)

  • The Scheme has a range of different aims to help develop leadership.
  • There are currently two programmes within HCLS: 2025 Leaders & Aspiring Director programme.

Clinical Executive Fast Track Scheme

  • Open to all registered healthcare professionals working in NHS funded care, who are clinicians at one below board/governing body level.
  • 36-months standard programme (including 12-month leadership development)
  • University professional training and development.