We provide targeted development for all backgrounds and experiences. We turn to global experts for the incredible content and we turn to you for the ambition, compassion and drive to continue improving our healthcare system for the benefit of those that matter the most – our patients.


“What has been the biggest benefit of us participating on these programmes?  Simple, it’s got us talking. People who may not necessarily have spoken to each other at length are talking, working together, supporting each other and sharing learning so that it can be filtered through our organisation at a greater rate”

– Staff at NHS East Lancashire CCG.


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Are you looking for an introduction to healthcare leadership?

This is your first port of call if you’re looking to build a strong foundation of leadership skills that can help enhance your confidence and competence in your role. The Edward Jenner programme is an open access, online learning package that will support you as you develop essential leadership skills; open to all, this programme leads to an NHS Leadership Academy award in Leadership Foundations.

Have you recently moved into, or looking to step up to your first leadership role?

Designed for those looking to move into their first formal leadership role, or those new to first time leadership, the Mary Seacole programme empowers people to turn their success into consistent team success and to champion compassionate patient care. The leadership development programme is grounded in reality and results in real workplace application and leads to an NHS Leadership Academy award in Healthcare Leadership.

Are you ready to lead larger functions, departments and more complex projects?

This unique, award winning leadership development programme is for mid to senior clinical or non-clinical leaders aspiring to lead large and complex programmes, departments, services or systems of care. The programme is for you if you are aspiring to take on a more senior leadership role while looking to have a wider impact by leading a culture of compassion, committed to developing your leadership skills and behaviours and if you're excited by the opportunity to apply new skills, learning and behaviours directly to real-time work related improvements. The programme leads to an NHS Leadership Academy award in Senior Healthcare Leadership and an MSc in Healthcare Leadership.

Are you looking to develop your role as a senior leader with an aspiration to hold a director-level role in the next two years?

Are you a senior leader who has led larger functions or departments for some time? Are you thinking of moving up to your organisation’s top team? Are you interested in developing leadership skills that help you influence beyond your immediate sphere and across traditional boundaries? Are you ready to make a fundamental difference to the quality of care not just in your organisation but across the healthcare system? Get ready to lead a culture of ever-improving patient care across your organisation and wider care communities. The Nye Bevan programme leads to an NHS Leadership Academy award in Executive Healthcare Leadership and is proven to accelerate participants into an executive role and perform better at board level.

Are you an aspiring chief executive and want to prepare for one of the most challenging roles in the NHS?

Are you ready for one of the most challenging roles in the NHS? The Aspiring Chief Executive programme is a collaboration between the NHS Leadership Academy, NHS Improvement and NHS Providers. Through the programme, we are looking to develop Five Year Forward View systems leaders to not just run hospitals but lead provider Trusts in a complex and integrated health economy. It will prepare individuals for the weight and responsibility associated with the highly demanding Chief Executive role of tomorrow.

Are you in a chief executive role?

The chief executive development network has been designed to support chief executives with their personal development and ensure they are the best they can be in these challenging roles, both for themselves and their organisations/systems. As the health system evolves and new models of care emerge, chief executives who can successfully lead provider organisations and collaborate in the transformation of care are key. To find out more, please contact the Academy on 0113 322 5699 or email ceo.nla@hee.nhs.uk

Are you seeking further role development and support in your role as a director?

Are you already an inspirational executive or board level leader with a powerful vision to transform patient care and improve our community’s experience? Ready to make a significant and lasting difference? Prepare to enhance and adapt to deliver radical change as the Director programme supports your continuing development.

Please note that applications are closed. A review is taking place around design and delivery so that improvements may be made to make it as relevant and up to date as possible. In the meantime, you can register your interest by clicking the programme logo to the left.

Are you an aspiring black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) leader?

The Stepping Up programme is a leadership development programme for black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) colleagues in bands 5 - 7 (or equivalent) roles, who work within healthcare (the NHS or an organisation providing NHS care). The programme is designed to bridge the gap between where applicants are and where they need to be, to progress into more senior roles.

Are you a senior black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) leader wanting to develop further?

You’ve given up your own time. You’ve inspired others and earned respect. You’ve overcome adversity. You’ve proven just how good you are. But you’re not done yet.  And that’s where our Ready Now programme for senior aspiring black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) leaders can help realise your potential.

Ethical Mentoring programme

Ethical dilemmas occur when someone is conflicted about the right choice to make, and when two or more values compete for priority. These values may be personal, organisational, societal or any mixture of the three. We’re looking for mentors for our Ethical Mentoring programme who could give leaders timely, relevant and impactful mentoring support during difficult times.

Return to Work Mentoring - NHS Leadership Academy

Are you looking for a mentoring support package for transitioning back into work?

Transition back into a complex and changeable system can be a difficult and lonely journey, which is why we’re offering NHS leaders at all levels an inclusive mentoring support package. Our new Return to Work Mentoring programme is an exciting and dynamic mentoring scheme delivered by Charmaine Kwame – Odogwu, Programme Lead for Coaching & Mentoring at the NHS Leadership Academy, in partnership with Lis Merrick (President of the EMCC) and Nicki Seignot (David Clutterbuck Partnership).


NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme

Caring for the health of 65 million people is an enormous challenge. That's why we need graduates of the highest calibre to become our fresh thinkers of today and our talented leaders of tomorrow. Have you got what it takes? Then show us what you’re made of.

Building Leadership for Inclusion

Building Leadership for Inclusion (BLFI) is a new and radical programme of work, led by the NHS Leadership Academy, that aims to fundamentally shift the ways in which we work to develop truly inclusive leadership, organisations and health and care systems. This work comes from the premise that the traditional approaches to improving diversity and inclusion, many of which have been implemented in the NHS over the past seventy years, have simply not worked. Find out how you can be involved.

HOPE European Exchange programme

We are pleased to be sponsoring the HOPE European Exchange programme again in 2017. It’s a unique and exciting opportunity for individuals and organisations to understand the challenges of a healthcare system outside the UK. The benefits are personal, as well as professional, as it leads to seeing your own role and the NHS in a whole new light.

The Health and Care Leaders Scheme

The Health and Care Leaders Scheme (HCLS) was formally launched in 2015 and is jointly funded and co-produced by the Department of Health and its 14 Arm’s Length Bodies (ALBs). Hosted by the NHS Leadership Academy as part of Health Education England, there are two programmes as part of the Scheme. These are aimed at the next generation of chief executives, director generals, executive directors and aspiring directors, to lead the health and care system at a national level through the ALBs and Department of Health.

The Clinical Executive Fast Track Scheme

The Clinical Executive Fast Track Scheme offers 30 of the most talented and ambitious clinicians an opportunity to expand their skills, share expertise with other clinicians and develop their leadership capacity to make a significant impact across systems and in their organisation as they progress to a more senior level role. It is a multi-professional 36-month talent scheme – which includes a 12-month leadership development programme – designed to engage and harness the talent of clinicians as leaders of the health and care systems of tomorrow.

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