What is 360 degree feedback?

360 degree feedback is a powerful tool to help individuals identify where their leadership strengths and development needs lie. The process includes getting confidential feedback from line managers, peers and direct reports. As a result, it gives an individual an insight into other people’s perceptions of their leadership abilities and behaviour.


How do I get started?

You will need to register for a free NHS Leadership Academy ID number on NHSx, and register for ‘Healthcare Leadership Model’ on this system under Available Programmes.  You can find out more about the registration process first or access the system right away by clicking on the ‘Register now’ link at the bottom of this section.


To set up your 360 degree feedback report, you will need to have your Purchase Order reference available, or else the valid credit/debit card you would like to use.  You may also want to have the names and email addresses of the people you would like to invite as your raters, however you can still get started without having these right away.


Register now


Have you already registered for the Healthcare Leadership Model on NHSx?   You can log in to the Appraisal Hub directly using your details:


Go to the Appraisal Hub


How much does it cost?


The cost is £40 (+VAT) per person, and we’re pleased to confirm that organisations purchasing at least 50 places at a time will be eligible to receive an additional 10 places for free.  Organisation or group reports will also be available for an additional £35 (+VAT).


Please note: the supplier for purchase orders should be JCA Global Ltd., not the NHS Leadership Academy.  Should you need any additional information to set up JCA as a supplier, please contact 360support@jcaglobal.com or 01242 282979.


What’s different about the Healthcare Leadership Model 360 degree feedback tool?


We’ve worked to give greater control and responsibility to users. For example, you’ll be able to decide when to close your questionnaire and keep track of how far your raters have gotten through the process.  You’ll also have the entire questionnaire time period to select a facilitator from our register and arrange your facilitated feedback session, though we recommend you do this as early in the process as possible.


Your report will enable robust development conversations as you will be able to see not only how you rate within each of the Healthcare Leadership Model dimensions, but also how important you and your raters feel those dimensions are for your role.


We also work to keep the Appraisal Hub system as well as the questionnaire itself updated and easy to use.  We’re excited to be releasing a new version of the questionnaire from the 31st August 2016.  For further information about the new version please click here.


Further information


Still have questions? Please check the Frequently Asked Questions page for further information, or contact the dedicated Healthcare Leadership Model Appraisal Hub Help Desk on 360support@jcaglobal.com or 0124 228 2979, or contact the Academy directly on support@leadershipacademy.nhs.uk or 0113 322 5699.


You can also access detailed User Guides as well as download sample reports from the Appraisal Hub Support page.



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